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Jun 1, 2015

Sailing in luxury

It all started in 1976 with a yacht (Sverige) that was built for America's Cup. Since then, Sweden Yachts has developed into being one of the world's leading producers of luxurious, high quality sailing yachts, helping customers to find and participate in buying the boat of their dreams.


Sweden Yachts is represented by people with ambitions to construct, produce and sell the best yachts, and we never compromise about quality. The company's team is keen to establish a close working relationship with all customers and to give the best service in the process of purchasing a new yacht. Sweden Yachts owners all over the world have become friends and the brand makes sure to keep in touch and inform them about news from the yard.

The construction yard is today located in Kungsviken Sweden. Customers can visit the location throughout the whole process of buying, building and delivering their yacht and experience all stages of the production at place.

Sweden Yachts now build boats in the range from 40 to 54 feet, each with their own characteristics but with one thing in common; excellent quality throughout, and sailing performance above expectations.


40 footers

The first 40-footer has been delivered to its owners who have sailed it across the Atlantic and back without the slightest technical problems. The Sweden Yachts 40 combines modern design and materials with traditional comfort and high performance.
The Sweden Yachts 40 builds on the same successful concepts as the Sweden Yachts 42 and 45 with the same onboard life comfort. This includes the much favoured "easy to handle" sail plan with self tacking jib. Every Sweden Yachts 40 is built to the owners specifications, with choices of installations to match any desire for ease of handling, speed and comfort. The high standard specification can, among others, be extended with different keel and rig options. 

42 footers

Sweden Yachts calls this model "probably the best-sailing 42-footer ever built". A bold statement, perhaps. The builders justify this statement with a certainty: "when we design a new yacht, we always do our utmost to give it optimum sailing characteristics".
Every feature on a Sweden Yachts 42, from the shape of the hull to the design of the rig, works together as a harmonious whole. The result – a 42-footer that is unmatched for sailing. Set out on your first cruise in a Sweden Yachts 42 and you'll know what we mean – immediately. It is a fast sailyacht and it performs beyond expectations. It's a yacht for serious yachtsmen, not landlubbers. In short, it gives you more performance per foot.

45 footers

The Sweden Yachts 45 carries on and embellishes the proud heritage of Sweden Yachts.

Every detail, from the shape of the hull to the design of the rig, works together as a harmonious whole, creating an unmatched yacht for serious sailing. Sail and rig handling have been simplified to minimise effort and add more pleasure to the whole sailing experience.

The cockpit is ergonomically designed, giving the helmsman a relaxed, well-balanced environ- ment even under really tough conditions in open sea, hard weather sailing.

52 footers

Every line and plane says speed and beauty, like a thoroughbred champing at the bit. The impression is striking, to say the least! As on all Sweden Yachts, every detail is in perfect balance, from the shape of the hull to the design of the rig. With everything working together as a whole to create the best performing luxury 54-footer available. The Sweden Yachts 54 is trully designed for performance sailing right from the start.

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