Apr 1, 2016

Safer Electronic Locks

Keys are a part of everyday life: carrying them, using them, losing them and paying to make new keys. Smartphones have also become an indispensable part of our life, so it is a natural path to combine both - mobile phones and keys, using modern technologies. The use of contactless connection allowing mobile phones to open locks or interact with digital readers is rapidly growing.


For the first time in the human History, mobile NFC access control (Near Field Communication) gives users complete control of an entry, even when keys are lost. Offering bank-grade security and being tamper-proof, mobile NFC access control means that user can unlock their home by simply passing their mobile phone over the digital lock.

Now, there is no need to leave keys in hidden places: users can send a digital key from their mobile. The person who receives the key on their mobile phone is then able to access the house, when needed. NFC access control means complete portability. Being SIM-based, users just move the NFC-enabled SIM to a new mobile phone when the time comes. Unlike traditional keys, at any event when mobile is stolen, lost or broken, the user can immediately remotely revoke the key through the mobile network operator using Over-The-Air (OTA) services.

Secure home access

There are increasingly more homeowners across the world following the trend of using keyless access. They are able to enter into their homes quickly and securely using their NFC enabled mobile phones with a digital key. They are also able to send the key to whoever they need to give access to: for example, to a workman to get a temporary entry to get the job done during the day, or to ensure that the cleaning lady is free to come twice a week, or to make sure that a nanny has free access to all parts of the home, at any time.

Commercial areas

In the commercial buildings, close monitoring of sensitive locations, such as a warehouse is particularly important. Digital keys can be assigned to allow controlled access and then removed shortly after, allowing complete control of the location. The key could be immediately revoked if the phone is lost or stolen.  Keys are digitally encrypted, ensuring complete security.


Hotel guests can now check-in and get their door keys on their mobile phone, for example, while stuck on traffic coming from the airport for the hotel. Thus, they don´t need to wait at the reception or to carry plastic keys, and they have immediate access to the upper floors and entry to their room. At the end of the stay, hotel guests are free to check out automatically from their room, without the inconvenience of wasting time at the reception.

Office environment

Entry to any area in the office building could be flexibly controlled utilizing electronic locks and NFC enabled mobile phones. Conference and meeting rooms could be booked remotely, and access at the time of the meeting will be only available to the persons who booked the room and have the digital key. Companies can now have complete control over areas access with no more lost or stolen keys, or no unauthorized accesses.

Industrial environment

In Industrial environments, where larger areas have limited supervision, are increasingly relying on controlled digital contactless locks to ensure security and easy of entry for authorized staff. This is especially advantageous when dealing with areas with high value or with highly confidential security requirements.


Seos™ mobile access control system, from global leader in door opening solutions ASSA ABLOY is the backbone on mobile NFC access control. It is possible to enable a door to use the NFC by just changing the lock barrel. There is no need for wiring – the NFC reader is operated by battery. Digital keys can be assigned and withdrawn from the central server. Seos™ system consists of NFC-enabled smartphone, NFC locks and digital keys delivery service.

There are three characteristics that makes Seos™ unique and revolutionary. It is the first world commercial ecosystem for issuing, delivering and revoking digital keys to NFC-enabled mobile phones. The system is built specifically for mobile phone use. Finally, Seos™ provides security, privacy and a rich user graphic interface. Within a few short years, it will be as normal to use a mobile for home access, as it is today for internet access.

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