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Feb 1, 2017


There is an ancient debate over the best way to relax after a full days' work: is it soaking in a bath tub or is it lounging in a hammock? Well, no more debates are needed, you can do both at the same time.


The British company SplinterWorks developed a new bathing experience, combining these two symbols of relaxation: the hammock and the tub. By shaping as a vessel with generous size, designers Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington created a new concept for "end of the day relaxation".

Let's talk first of the tub, because it is marvellous. It is made out of carbon fibre layers, with a foam core which insulates the bath, keeping the water warmer for longer than ever. Its shape looks more cosy than other tubs and, by extending it onto 2.7 metres long, it can both serve taller bathers, or two persons at a time. It should be noted that, we don't need to worry about the drain inside the tub, because it is nothing more than a simple grid, which can be opened from the outside of the tub. No nuisance with valves or screws.

Installing the tub can be a bit tricky though, since you'll need to install a drain on the floor to empty the tub from all the waste water (you can also use a downpipe, however it will take some of its charm away), as well as a standing faucet to fill it. The most curious and peculiar in this bathtub, is that it isn´t installed on the floor like other tubs, it is suspended.

The tub is mounted to the walls via stainless steel brackets. This could be another problem, so make sure the walls are quite solid and strong enough to support the weight of two persons, plus all the water from the bath.

The price is also quite outstanding, valid only for some portfolios, 34,000 dollars. This is the value for who really wants to have a singular piece of design in the bathroom. The best part of it is that you can get to choose between eight colours: black, red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze, silver, and even golden, but you must make a special request.

It is, therefore, a bathtub dream that while you can´t perform, you still can have extravagant dreams, which is also a way to relax.

Contacts * www.splinterworks.co.uk * Bath and North East Somerset – United Kingdom * +44 (0) 1225 464957

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