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Apr 1, 2017


Every game has, in some way, its own personality. Some games have a short life because they are born in a certain age or out of certain technology. It's the case of video games, arcade games or computer games. Others, however, are eternal, such as card games, or domino.


This doesn't mean they can't be upgraded. It is the case of this evolution of the classic domino: The Grid Game.

The Mexican industrial design studio Victor Alemán, developed a unique abstract tile game, based on the classic domino. The game, as the regular domino, includes seven colours, distributed by 88 wooden tiles, each one with three colours.

The hexagonal tiles are rhomboid, which means they are not perfect hexagons. This way, each tile has its own fitting to the game, and may only be played when the geometrical and chromatic fitting matches.

Just like regular domino, each player starts with seven tiles randomly chosen.

The first player places one random tile on the game board. The next players will place their tiles around the first one, according to the rule that the tiles must have the same colour and, also, the sides of the tiles must match perfectly.

Thus, the players will create a unique coloured array which hardly will repeat from one game to another.

The restrain over the height of the hexagon sides, was specifically designed so that each piece has only three legal orientations in the game, instead of the six sides from each side of the tiles.

There are various types of tiles: single coloured; two colours and three colours tiles.

The tiles with one black side are used as blocking tiles, as the black sides cannot be touched by any other tiles. Not even other tiles with a black side.

At the end of the game, the tiles with black faces which weren't played, score five points, which is huge in this game, while the tiles with one single colour score three points. All the others score a single point.

The game ends when the players can no longer place more tiles to the array.

CONTACTS: ESTUDIO VICTOR ALEMÁN * Kepler 81, Col. Anzures, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, 11590 * Mexico City – Mexico * Tel.: +52 (55) 6719 8967 *

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