Apr 1, 2016

Red buses turn "green"

The famous London red double-decker buses, a trademark of the British capital city, are going "green". Chinese company BYD has introduced the first five vehicles for Metroline's new all-electric bus fleet, which will be operating on routes that need more attention to pollution.

Chinese company BYD and London's Metroline have started to introduce the new range of all-electric buses, which will be deployed on some of the most polluted routes in the British capital.


London has hybrid buses driving around since 2009, and they have been well received by the users of urban transportation. Less emissions, less noise, and more comfort were the premises for when London's Transport Authority and several routes concessionaries presented these vehicles. Now there are over 1,300 vehicles in operation.

In 2015, during the "Clean Bus Summit", an event organized by the London Transport Authority and the city's Town Hall to showcase new mass transit technologies, the department in charge of the city's transportation presented the will to shift to greener bus solutions. BYD was the chosen company by Metroline, to conceive and build the new double-decker buses.

The main concern with all-electric transportation is range. The new buses which will be riding around London, are air-conditioned, can carry 84 passengers (54 seated and 27 standing), are powered by 345 kWh iron phosphate batteries, and have a range of 305km, and the battery can be fully charged in four hours, while parked in Metroline's bus depot, in North London.

BYD have already presented several all-electric buses in previous years, it becomes world leaders in electric technology to be used in vehicles, with special attention to mass transportation.

BYD "eBus", designed for driver and passenger comfort, with low noise and zero emissions. They are the first Iron-Phosphate Battery powered for electric bus in the world. They´re mature, reliable and successful. The driving range available from the BYD "eBus" is better than any other comparable buses.

BYD's "eBus" range comprises one and two-deck buses, with lengths ranging from 8 to 18 meters, and passenger capacity from 49 to 150 people, depending on configuration and programmed usage.

BYD has supplied buses to various cities such as London, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Bonn, Salzburg, Brussels, Copenhagen, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Nanjing, Changsha, Tianjin and Hong Kong.

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