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Jun 1, 2017

Recycled Plastic T-Shirts

The production of these t-shirts, that itself can also be recycled, was planned with the aim to eliminate as much as possible the pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels and by the plastic itself since, after its use on disposable products such as plastic bottles and jugs, can take up to centuries or even millennia – depending on how it is manufactured – to decompose naturally on the environment. 


Last Bottle Clothing is just about to launch a new brand of t-shirts made out of fabric produced via recycled plastic bottles.

So far the most infallible test ran by the company was offering t-shirts to several trial customers to see if they could figure out what it was made of, the result was cheerful: not one of these "zero clients" could distinguish between the plastic fibre shirts and the conventional cotton made shirts.

Each Last Bottle shirt uses, on average, thirteen recycled half litter water bottles. The plastic is reduced to tiny particles, melted and then turned into polyester threads that give birth to extremely light shirts.

Besides reducing the presence of plastic in the environment and reducing the use of fossil fuels, the process of creating these shirts reduces the quantity of fresh water, fertilizers and pesticides used to produce natural and organic cotton. The thread obtained thanks to recycling uses 500 less water than the thread of a traditional cotton shirt.

On the words of Stuart Wood, one of the founders of the company, "our goal is to provide a comfortable shirt, with performance wear characteristics like moisture wicking and odor control, while at the same time, do everything within our power to reduce the catastrophic impact of plastic pollution. We're going to make the cleanest, least polluting shirts on the planet and revolutionize the industry in the process."

Just to give us an overall view, the cloth making industry is the second most polluting industry worldwide, surpassed solely by the oil industry. These shirts, undistinguishable from the cotton ones, besides having a durability higher than average can be recycled ad eternum. Amongst its characteristics, the company highlights its softness, assuring it's softer than the cotton options, lighter and extremely comfortable when it touches the skin. The durability is a triumph, from hiking to biking and intensive use on camping trips, the company assures that its reinforced neckline and sleeves (twice that of cotton) ensure long lasting durability and structural integrity (avoiding deformation and stretching). Permeability is another plus, hence the artificial thread drains and pushes sweat away from the body of the user keeping it fresh and dry. And, of course, Last Bottle encourages its customers to return the shirts to the company when they reach their useful life span so it can be recycled, thus assuring to the maximum its sustainability policy.

"We started Last Bottle Clothing with a seemingly simple goal: to make sustainable, fashionable clothing entirely from plastic bottles", state Stuart Wood and Justin Koehn, the founders, on a joint statement, reminding us that "each of these shirts keeps an average of 13 plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans, so you can be proud to wear one and tell your friends the story behind your tee". And they underline, "traditional clothing lines rely on cotton, an incredibly wasteful crop. We're passionate about the environment and about helping to solve the problem of plastic waste in our country". Given that one of the company's goal is producing locally, as a policy to decrease the carbon footprint of its production, it's highly likely that as the company grows it sets on other geographical settings or that it will partner up with other companies that wish to innovate and preserve the environment.

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