Apr 1, 2017


Do you remember when the live recording and broadcasting goggles were a novelty? Well, you can forget that obsolete technology. Sony has patented contact lenses capable of recording videos controlled solely by the blink of an eye, leaving its competition, like Google and Samsung, behind on innovation. 


These recordings are initiated and terminated through blinking, but the real breakthrough is within the programming of the lenses, it can detect if a blink was intentional, or a mere unrelated eye blink unrelated to its functioning.

These new lenses were developed by a team of seven Japanese inventors (Sako Yoichiro, Iwasaki Masanori, Hayashi Kazunori, Kon Takayasu, Nakamura Takatoshi, Onuma Tomoya and Tange Akira) who, besides the lenses itself, also developed a wi-fi connection and a storage unit, meaning, the lenses can record and broadcast live via wi-fi without the need to download its files and the user can choose either to use it to take pictures or to record videos.

All with a blink of an eye.

The Tokyo, Japan, headquartered multinational, believes that it will make a difference perfecting its lenses in such a way that it can be used on surgical interventions, surveillance and security, or even on espionage operations.

Given that normally we blink the eyes every 0,2 to 0,4 seconds, the lenses consider that any blinks besides those parameters, are a direct command to activate or deactivate its functions.

The lenses will also include piezoelectric micro-sensors (crystals that react electronically to mechanic pressure). These sensors will be able to measure temperature, pressure, acceleration and force.

The lenses have no need for external powering, they are charged via a process of electromagnetic induction taking the energy out of the blinking of the eyes.

These smart lenses, besides detecting the correct eye blink, are also capable of zooming in, deleting or playing the recordings just with the movement of the eye and it automatically corrects any tremors or blurs and you can use it on a single eye.

Since its inevitable that the user will naturally blink the eyes while recording, it includes an option to delete those black frames, recorded when the eyes were shut, so that it won't have any effect on the final recording.

To view videos previously recorded, the user will only have to use a pre-programmed command with the movement of his eye, which he will have to pre-define, personalizing his lenses.

These also include a gyroscope that can detect any tilting of the head, compensating the recordings so it remains uniformly on the right position.

Sony is still developing and pondering other uses for its lenses, to best make use of its wi-fi connection and the creation of menus with several other options that may be included for image effects, besides the default options of using it as a photograph or video device, but has been extremely cautious on turning it public, something natural after the general disappointment of the Google glasses, due to the great expectations that the audience created around it.

There's a huge potential, since if the lenses allow for the viewing of the videos it records, theoretically preventing us from viewing some of our favourite video clips while walking the dog. Or browsing the Internet.

Given that the lenses are capable of enhancing the images through zoom and eliminating blurs, to what point can't they also be used by ophthalmologists to improve the eye quality of their patients? Or apps that can make it possible to see in the dark, no longer needing external lighting sources to see at night?

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