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Jul 1, 2016


Ideal temperatures, lush mountains, dreamy beaches, culture, authentic rhythms, unforgettable experiences, and the vitality of its people, this is Jamaica. Exotic and seductive, it was voted the best Caribbean Island and also won 3rd place in the ranking of the "World's Best Islands", at the TripAdvisor's "Travellers' Choice™" awards 2016.


Ideal to live a dream vacation, in Jamaica you find unique places that must be visited, such as "Runway Bay", "Dunn's River Falls", "Rick's Coffee", "Nine Miles", "The Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon", "Ocho Rios", "Negril ", "Montego Bay", and "Kingston".

Located in Negril, Rick's Café is one of the most emblematic places of the Island, Caribbean and of the World. It is considered one of the ten places of the World you can´t miss. Frequented by famous people, but not only, here you can hear reggae and Caribbean music, while you have a coffee or a tropical drink, entitled to an impressive view of the island and the cliffs of Negril, and enjoy the more beautiful sunsets in the World. Other attractions are the "divers" who gather along the cliffs and, after they are paid by tourists, jump down the "precipice".

Negril is also ideal to know the swamps, and the natural habitat of crocodiles. In "Ocho Rios", a tourist town par excellence, you can meet the "Dunn's River Falls", the most famous waterfalls of the Island. The water falls into the sea from a maximum height of 180 meters. In the Interior, is Nine Miles, birthplace of Bob Marley, and where you can visit the mausoleum and the house where the singer came to earth and lived. The reggae lovers will find the perfect destination in Jamaica. In Kingston, there is the Bob Marley Museum, one of the most visited places on the Island. There are rarities in vinyl form, the best songs of the musician and singer, and endless curious testimonies.

Although it is known as "Reggae Hippie Island", Jamaica is also land of sportsmen with world records as Usain Bolt, sprinter, Olympic Multi Champion and World record holder of the 100 and 200m.

Another one of the best experiences in the World, and unique for visitors, is swimming in the "Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon", at Negril or Montego Bay. This is a Lagoon that glows in the dark, thanks to millions of microscopic organisms that emit a mysterious light upon stirring the water. To live the night in the "Luminous Lagoon" is to live, at its maximum, the splendour of Jamaica.

The tradition, natural beauty and virtues make Jamaica an unbeatable destination to go throughout the year, and thanks to its blue waters and dreamy landscapes, is still one of the more solicited movie scenarios of the moment. Images of the Pirate Jack Sparrow, sailing the waters of the Caribbean Sea in his "Black Pearl" in search of treasures, in paradisiacal sites of the island, are memorable.

A melting pot of cultures in a pure state, here blend, in total harmony, the African, European, and Asian cultures, giving the island an exotic and seductive personality. Enjoy a special destination where there are plenty of coffee plantations, reference museums, a receptive people, ska and reggae sounds, gastronomy, hotels and Resorts of excellence.

There are more and more dining options throughout the island, from which, "Murphy West End Restaurant", "Devon House I-Scream", and "Scotchie" have the best assessment in the travel website "TripAdvisor".

VIP Your Partner went to find the hotel news for those who want to recharge and convert resting into a sensory experience:

Negril will have in 2017, the "Blue Seven Mile Beach by Karisma", by the Mexican chain "Karisma Hotels & Resorts". With nearly 100 suites, all with view to the sea, the property will also include six restaurants, and three bars.

At the end of 2016 in Montego Bay, "Breathless and Dreams Resorts & Spas " will open, a property of "AMResorts" with 150 rooms, for adults only.

Already in progress are the works of the "Hotel 77", located in Kingston, which will position itself as an independent luxury hotel with 300 rooms, a bar, a wine bar, 24 hour room service, and meeting rooms.

The "Liguanea Club" is a private social club, whose 38 rooms have been recently refurbished. Evoking the feeling of a country house with Georgian inspiration, the original wood floors are reminiscent of its colonial heritage, mixed with modern simplicity of minimalist design. Each room has a private balcony with lush views of the gardens and New Kingston. This scenery has served as the backdrop for one of the "James Bond" movies.

In Autumn 2016 the "Royalton Blue Waters" opens, in the coveted sands of White Bay, close to Montego Bay. In addition to 11 restaurants, each of the 228 suites are elegantly decorated with exclusive details of the Royalton brand, like the "DreamBeds ™ ", with high thread count sheets, double shower with a waterfall effect, and jacuzzi. You can also opt for a suite with a balcony overlooking the ocean or private pool.

Based on the success of the property in Kingston, the "Spanish Court Hotel" will make its entry into the leisure market with the acquisition of the former "Breezes Montego Bay", located on Gloucester Avenue, in Montego Bay. Scheduled to open in the Summer of 2017, this hotel will have 120 rooms with spectacular sea views, and large bathrooms, in spa style, with a Roman tub and shower.

We completed our novelty list with the "Zoetry Wellness & Spa Resort". Currently named "Coyaba Beach Resort & Club", this hotel chain by "AMResorts" will be the subject of extensive renovations, and will open to the public in December.

The imposing mountain range "Blue Mountains" divides the Northern and Southern coasts of the Island, which has its capital in Port Royal, an old and famous centre of piracy. Land of forests and water, Jamaica captivates both for its history, and the green mountains and the crystal blue beaches. Discovered by Christopher Columbus, it was conquered by the British in 1650, and converted into an active and rich colony, eventually becoming known as the "Jewel in the English Crown", obtaining its independence in 1962.

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