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Feb 29, 2016

Real Estate in your Hands

Coldwell banker is one of the world's most trusted names in the Real Estate Franchise sector. In Brazil, its network of agencies wants to keep growing, innovating and generating ever more business. Get ready to own one of the biggest real estate markets in the planet.


Coldwell Banker is the world leader in Real Estate Franchises, gathering under its name more than 3.000 franchisees and 85.000 agents in 43 countries, who are united by its brand values: Heritage, Innovation and Profit Network. These values are combined with the know-how accumulated for more than 110 years.

Brazil is one of the fastest growing real estate markets. The eased access to credit loans in the country allowed for an ever growing number of Brazilian families to buy their own home. These new owners increasingly use real estate agencies, like Coldwell Banker of Brazil, to search for business opportunities that only a leader can offer. Along with the families who buy their first residence come those who want a second house, a vacation home, or plots for investment, allotment and urbanization. Coldwell Banker of Brazil has in its portfolio a high number of choices for all investment needs or desires. Properties are made available through the various channels of the Master Franchise: Coldwell Banker Residential (for the housing market), Coldwell Banker Commercial (for the enterprise market) and Coldwell Banker Previews (for the luxury market).

According to SECOVI (the Brazilian Housing Union), the appreciation of high-end real estate reached 200% in the last years, certifying that the sector is healthy and well.

As a reference in Brazil's real estate market, Coldwell Banker, led in the country by Master Franchise President António Lourenço, knows how to make the connection between buyers and sellers. The sales network comprised of almost two dozen franchisees is present in the most important real estate centers of Brazil, especially in the São Paulo State region, where Coldwell Banker has several agents.

Training for sales teams, marketing, management, negotiators, brokers and franchisees is conducted by Coldwell Banker University, a complete and flexible online system that potentiates the growth of the local business through the procurement of specialized knowledge in the real estate sector.

In Your Hands

Coldwell Banker of Brazil is a franchise network with increasing importance in the Brazilian real estate market which wants not only to expand nationwide, but also to gather new investors to achieve a faster growth and higher returns for its shareholders. Therefore, investors interested in the South American real estate business sector, especially in Brazil, can have a privileged entry point in the area, through a company which is already in business and expanding.

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