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Jul 1, 2015

Printing for over 30 years

Jotagrafe is capable of providing its clients with a wide range of paper and printing products, where handcraft work is the perfect ally to modern industrial printing, which results in products where all attention is given to quality.


Jotagrafe was born when its founder left the company he previously worked was bought by a multinational brand and they decided to close the printing division of their portuguese branch. António Reis became a entrepreneur in a time when printing was about to witness its more notorious changes with the introduction of new technologies and techniques. After gathering investors, the family enterprise started to develop, always focusing in work quality. The company where Reis started to work was not forgotten. "They are still my clients today", says the manager and mentor of Jotagrafe.

"We started with a small-format printing press, to make invoices and business cards, and other small printing jobs. After it we started growing and we are presently working in small and medium-format", Reis told Your VIP Partner. The evolution in the type of jobs presented has been decisive on choosing new equipment, which are always acquired brand new. "When we need different formats, Jotagrafe asks one of the printers in our synergies group to produce a job we can't handle ourselves. We also provide products and services for other printers based on synergy agreements."

"We started on medium-format about 12 years ago when we bought our Heidelberg Sormz, but presently we're thinking about investing on a new faster and higher quality offset printing press".

The technological evolution within the printing industry has been quite fast in the last two decades, and that led Jotagrafe to invest in a digital printing unit from Konica-Minolta, to make several types of printing jobs that otherwise wouldn't be cost-effective. This allowed for a higher production output and a wider range of printing services and products available for clients. Like António Reis told us, "printing quantities are becoming smaller and smaller, and with this bet on digital printing we can assure a price that falls within the clients' expectations."

Jotagrafe has also won several prizes for its printing jobs. One "Papies" grand prize and several other distinctions where given by APIGRAF.

Jotagrafe covers all areas of graphical arts. Design, pre-press, printing and bindery. This last division of Jotagrafe is set not only on modern equipment but also in maintaining a connection with the "old" handcrafted labour of yesteryear, always present and important at Jotagrafe. From embossing to die cutting and scoring, Jotagrafe always assures the quality of its products and services, resulting in clients that keep coming back for over 30 years.

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