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Dec 1, 2017


We would have a hard time finding a little girl that grew up without the craving to become a Disney princess – the motion pictures, the books and comics of the American giant throughout its decades of existence became part of the world's popular imaginary, from generation to generation.



Well then, now those girls that dreamt one day to become Disney princesses can now dress as one, at least for their wedding day!

Disney's Japanese headquarters allied itself with Kuraudia Co. and in November launched on the market a collection of wedding dresses inspired and adapted from the dresses of princesses from several Disney films, from "Cinderella" to "Beauty and the Beast" passing through "Sleeping Beauty", the options cover six classic Disney films on a total of 14 dresses and six tuxedos. Unfortunately, at least for now, this wedding brides collection from Disney will only be available in Japan and with another distinct characteristic: you can't purchase, just rent it!

To dress like Ariel ("Little Mermaid"), Rapunzel ("Tangled"), Belle ("Beauty and the Beast"), Aurora ("Sleeping Beauty"), Snow White ("Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs") or Cinderella for a day will cost you the modest amount of 3,600 dollars. As it should, there is no gender discrimination here, so a Prince Charming tuxedo, mandatory presence on all the films and the object of desire for all princesses, is also available for you better-half for a mere 900 dollars.

Kuraudia, headquarted in Kyoto, made the first images of the dresses public on the last day of August and started supplying hotels, weeding parlours and bride stores all over Japan on the very next day, the dresses can be viewed on Disney's Japan official online store to assure its an official partnership and not counterfeiting, as these creations reflect as careful as possible the universe of the Disney movies.

The wedding industry in Japan is a market that is worth millions of dollars and just keeps on growing and reinventing itself, a whole services industry grew around what it tends to be the most remarkable event on the life of many couples, from the options to record the wedding ceremonies and the after party on High Definition (on DVD or Blu-Ray), up to an infinity of activities, Japan is certainly the most expensive country and simultaneously the most attractive for any wedding.

The passion for weddings of Western inspiration goes to the point of creating several zones in Tokyo that include replicas not only of European style chapels and churches, but also of whole villages where you can lodge your guests and Kuraudia has managed to lead the industry, through its Ginza Coutoure Naoco stores, its commercial face that, both in Japan and throughout the Asian market, plans all the possible angles of the ceremony. The Japanese wedding goes beyond the conventional union of the couple, it deals with the union of both their families that from there on will become a single family, the grooms want their new family to have the best experience possible and nothing is left to randomness.

The wedding options even include resorts abroad, in places like Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, Bali, Maldives, New Caledonia and even locations in France and Italy, the Japanese wedding industry leaves nothing to chance. The country's most popular brides magazine, "Zexy", is an authentic brick with each edition having more than 1,000 pages. Decades of Hollywood made cinema, the glamour of the weddings of the Japanese Royal House and sprinkles of tradition made the young Japanese women dream with a wedding out of a fairy tale and now, thanks to the partnership between Kuraudia and Disney, they can realize it as reliably as possible.

Contacts * * * * Tel: 81 7 5315 2345 * Kuraudia Bridal Service Co., Ltd., 34 Saiintakadacho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 615-0031, Japan

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