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Feb 29, 2016

Precision cuts

Speed is paramount in the modern clothing industry. Being able to quickly and accurately cut all pieces that form a garment increases production speed, time management within the factory and boosts the amount of clothes made, therefore enabling any maker to swiftly fulfil an order. Kuris has been helping clothes makers for more than 100 years.



When Carl Kraus and Carl Reichert founded the "Krauss & Reichert Spezialmaschinenfabrik and Apparatebau G.m.b.H" in Bad Cannstatt, Germany, in 1912, their team comprised 10 workers. The company started to make cutting devices, such as electrical scissors. Ten years later, the society would start production on its first own factory, located at their home town.

In 1928, the long name is shortened to KURIS, which stands as an abbreviation for "Krauss Und Reichert In Stuttgart".

The company continued to grow, changing to a new location in 1957. But it is only in 1976 that Kuris reaches its highest point, with the presentation of the servo-cutter machine, a long lasting line of machines, which reached sales of 250.000 units until the end of the century.

In 2005, Sabine Gassenmayer and Gerd Wiedmann – who were already suppliers - took over Kuris with its staff of 30 people, after its second insolvency and named it "Kuris Spezialmaschinen GmbH". Kuris has its headquarters at Reichenbach in Baden-Württemberg, the home of German mechanical engineering. This location in a high-technology area ensures solutions with a high degree of automation.

Kuris currently offers one of the most comprehensive product programs in the field of spreading and cutting technology. At the same time, Kuris possesses a notable store of experience with more than 10,000 machine installations worldwide. Development, design and construction are state of the Art. As a result, solutions come from a single source and are characterized by a high quality of engineering and modern control technology. Kuris is likewise involved in the development of relevant software. The wide-ranging product program enables individual answers that take full and systematic account of the organizational preconditions and local situation of the customer.

The Company is present in many countries, thus ensuring that customers have competent contacts close at hand worldwide and obtain solutions that help consolidate market positions and secure success in years to come.

Kuris, a modern, forward-looking company with qualified staff, guarantees expert counselling. Spreading and cutting machines are available in realistic demonstration rooms not only for general demonstration purposes but also for trial runs with the clients' own materials.


Kuris produces, sells and supports different types of cutting and spreading machines, along with smaller cutting devices, accessories and software, especially designed for Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) and usage on Kuris machines.

This single-ply cutter series is the fourth generation of proven and established single-ply cutters, completely revised and optimized. Significant is the individually optimized cutting head with programmable Z-axis, all targeted for a maximum productivity and optimum production quality. The tool technology can individually and precisely be adapted to the respective material and achieves always optimal cutting conditions. The fourth generation is equipped with the Multi-Flex Tool adaptation. Being a fast and compact single-ply cutter this system persuades with fast positioning and cutting speed besides of extremely short plunge time. The tool-change system reduces the set-up time considerably because less adjustment operations are necessary.

The cutter achieves positioning speeds of up to 100m/minute and cutting speeds of up to 70m/minute depending on the type of fabric. The consistent user interface and menu navigation are responsible for an easy handling. Operating errors and training costs are drastically reduced. Even at high speeds, the system cuts constant and secure. The mobile and innovative control system is very user-friendly.

The Kuris Shuttle spreading machine suits perfectly for critical, smooth materials and/or even badly rolled material bars with different surfaces. The new deviating roller system of the driven cradle ensures an excellent quality in spreading. Even through fully automatic spreading of tension-sensitive materials excellent spreading results will be achieved.

The precise and regulated preferred material roll will exactly suit the required spreading speed. The semi or fully automatic unthreading/threading of the fabric will reduce essentially the set-up times. Many of the steps taken for the spreading with different positioning and cutting points, quantity of layers, zig-zag spreading programmes, as well as numerous custom-made parameters, can be individually programmed.

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