May 1, 2015

Power In a box

Wherever your journey may take you, VARTA batteries provide all the power to take you there. Whether you are driving your very first car, you own a vehicle with Start-Stop functionality, or you drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy demands, VARTA batteries offer the power you need.

Today, you'll find VARTA products in millions of cars, powerboats, motorcycles and motorhomes. Its engineers put expertise and precision into each and every battery, providing longer life, less corrosion and lower cost of ownership in all our products, from the advanced Start-Stop automotive range to the Professional powerboat products. 

The 19th-Century: First Storage Batteries

Adolf Müller founded the company which later became Varta AG in January 1888. Having seen a demonstration of a new Accumulator - a rechargeable power cell - by the Brothers Tudor, Müller realized immediately that the design functioned much better than others of those days and that furthermore it could be used to supply electric light to homes and businesses then just coming into vogue. With some 370,000 Gold Marks in capital, Müller and partner Paul Buesche opened a small factory for the production of industrial batteries in the city of Hagen in Lower Saxony. It was the first such facility in Germany.  

The first Buesche & Müller batteries were used by power companies. These batteries stored energy produced by dynamos and assured customers a smooth flow of electrical current. A favorable evaluation of the company's batteries by the Koenigliche Technische Hochschule Hannover enabled Buesche and Müller to overcome general suspicion of batteries in the young electricity industry. By 1889, the company had 40 employees, annual sales of DM1 million, and a client base that included Deutsche Bank Hamburg, the Bremen Harbor Authority, and Norddeutscher Lloyd. 

In October 1890, Müller & Einbeck - Paul Buesche had left the previous year - formed a new joint stock company in association with Siemens AG and AEG AG: Accumulatoren-Fabrik AG or AFA for short. The market was lucrative, and by the turn of the century, AFA had provided batteries to more than 148 power plants. Competition was growing too. Between 1890 and 1896 alone, AFA brought 100 patent violation suits against using processes patented by the company. AFA then frequently swallowed up the smaller firms after they had lost their cases. By 1909, the company had taken over 11 battery companies in Germany and 14 in Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Switzerland. In 1996, it increased its holdings from 30 to 50 percent in the Brazilian battery producer, Microlite SA, a company which had $ 250 million in sales that year. The purchase made Varta the largest supplier of consumer batteries in South America.

Powering innovation and excellence, all around the world.

Advanced technology, powerful performance and exceptional service - the hallmarks of the brand for over 100 years. Over the last century, vehicle technology has advanced enormously. And by developing all kinds of innovative battery technology, VARTA has consistently stayed at the forefront of powering it, building an enviable reputation in both original equipment (OEM) and Aftermarket batteries. 

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