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Aug 1, 2016


To value the Earth through art is the objective of Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden, a Japanese company that developed a kit that allows us to plant, and see a bonsai floating.

It is known that to have a bonsai it is necessary to take great care of it, with time and patience. These plants stand out for their beauty and mystique that seem to levitate around them. And speaking of "levitation", the Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden company produces bonsai that float, as if by magic. With this product, they intend to value the Earth through art.

Developed in the Spring of 2015, Air Bonsai is a project that consists of two halves: a "power base", and the "little star", both with incorporated magnets that allow the plant to float a few centimetres above the base.

Product sold as a kit

The product is sold as a kit, through which it is possible to plant the bonsai itself and see it grow. The "little star" consists of a sponge ball made of moss, with a diameter of 2.3 inches, in which the magnets weigh about 250 grams. There is also the porcelain basis that, besides the magnets, has a rotation mechanism connected to the electric current through an adapter. The "energy base" is made of traditional Japanese porcelain, "Imari", and conducts magnetic energy. There is an additional container made of lava stone that can replace the moss ball.

Each bonsai is unique, it can have beautiful purple fruits, from the late summer until the early winter, or just be a small, simple pine tree. The customer must make a hole in the ball and place the plant or seedling, when the time comes to create the bonsai.

The Air Bonsai is developed on the Kyushu island, Japan, but the final product can be replaced by another plant if it's what the customer wishes. The Air Bonsai can be bought online.

International festival

The Air Bonsai can be bought online, but if you want to see it live, it will be present in the Setouchi Triennale 2016, one of the most important festivals of contemporary art developed in Japan, that attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists. The Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden is working in partnership with an internationally recognized expert in bonsai, Masashi Hirao. The exhibition takes place on the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, an area that stands out for its beauty, and the Air Bonsai will be, specifically, in the Megi-Jima Island, until September 4th.


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