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Aug 1, 2015

Peruvian Purity

The first vineyards of the New World were planted in Ica and "pisco" was developed as the first unique spirit distilled in the Americas. According to historical archives, "pisco" is first mentioned as a distilled spirit in 1613. Over time, "pisco" production has spread to other areas of Peru besides the Ica Valley.

A number of regulations established the denomination of origin for "pisco". It has certain characteristics that differentiate it from "pisco" from other countries: only certain grapes can be used in making this beverage; it is produced only using copper pot stills, made in small batches, distilled to proof and the undesirable byproducts are discarded; "pisco" from Peru must be aged for a minimum of three months in vessels of glass, stainless steel or any other material which does not alter its physical, chemical or organic properties; and no additives of any kind may be added to "pisco" from Peru that could alter its flavor, odor, appearance or alcoholic proof. 


Four types of "Pisco" are recognized as denomination of origin from Peru. 

The non-aromatic types, made from a single variety of grape, generally the Quebranta grape. It is often known as Pisco Puro, and it is characterized as intense and complex, containing a high alcohol content. 

The aromatic types of Pisco are distilled solely from the Italia, Albilla, Moscatel or Torontel grape varieties, the most popular being made from the Italia grape. These Piscos are fragrant, floral and with a hint of sweetness. 

The Acholado (half-breed in Spanish) varieties are blended from the must of several varieties of grapes. This creates a unique and sophisticated "Pisco", and distillers in Peru carefully guard their proprietary recipes to create their own one-of-a-kind blend.

Finally, the Mosto Verde (Green Must) variety of "Pisco" is distilled from the partially fermented must of either the aromatic, non-aromatic or acholado varieties. It must be distilled before the fermentation process has completely transformed sugars into alcohol. The finished product is a smoother and subtle Pisco, often drank neat, and is considered the ultimate "Pisco".

Pisco Viejo Tonel Mosto Verde 

The award winning Mosto Verde style of Premium Pisco is distilled from the intense non-aromatic Quebranta grapes. One bottle of Pisco Viejo Tonel Mosto Verde requires 21 pounds of grapes - almost twice as many grapes as other Piscos. Only the finest grapes are handpicked from our vineyards and used in our Mosto Verde, and no stems or leaves are allowed in the crushing or fermentation process. The fermentation of the must, is cut off before all of the sugar is converted to alcohol. It is distilled to proof, without adding water or alcohol. This unique process results in a smooth, refined, elegant Pisco, best enjoyed neat in a Pisco glass or to create the ultimate cocktail. Its excellence is recognized in spirit competitions throughout the world and won over twelve medals. Pisco Viejo Tonel Mosto Verde is a Premium Pisco without compare. 

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