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Dec 1, 2014

Perfection tailored for women

In 1908 in Minsk, the French brothers Tourne founded the haberdashery factory "Francois-Tour" for production of ladies' combs. In 1991, employees of the company appealed to the Union of Writers of Belarus to help and come up with a new name. Writer Vladimir Pavlov named it "Milavitsa".


Resolution on the opening of the "Francois-Tour" factory has been received from the provincial government of Minsk on November 8. Factory produced celluloid  ladies' combs, men's combs, buttons and other products.

The brothers' enterprise was electrified: the factory was operated by a 25 horsepower dynamo, which generates electric current for lighting.

In 1911 the factory was taken over by Association "Francois Tournier", which by that time consisted of local entrepreneurs - Blimovich merchant and engineers Shmerling and Kalecki, and in 1913, the company engine produced 60 horsepower, and it employed about 200 workers, including 18 French master engravers. Factory "Francois Tour" produced 23 thousand female crests totaling 254, 2 thousand rubles. Things were going well, Solomon and Moses Blimovich Kalecki became one of the richest businessmen of the time.
On the eve of the First World War in 1915, the factory was evacuated along with the equipment and most of the workers. In 1917, the factory plant was completely destroyed, and the factory itself after the Revolution - nationalized.

The former employees of the Tourne private factory established Spartacus cooperative association producing plastic haberdashery products.
After 1917 year's Revolution when many factories and companies were destroyed, the haberdashery factory of Francois Tourne was also ruined. In 1929, after the nationalization of the cooperative association, a state factory named 'Beloruska' was set up. That was the first public haberdashery company in the USSR. In 1932 it was renamed as the Frunze factory. At the beginning of the XX Century a Frenchman Francois Tourne founded a small haberdashery factory. The founder could even hardly dream of that the factory would produce luxurious lady lingerie. He could barely think that his company would become one of the biggest women's underwear producer (the biggest in Europe).
Having started with buttons and combs the factory then switched to sewing garments.
Since 1964 the factory has got specialized in corset articles In 1991 the factory acquired a new name – 'Milavitsa' which in the best possible way reflects the beauty, harmony and secret of company's products.

Milavitsa is a company that in 1996 was granted Quality Certificate ISO 9001. One of the most complicated, full of changes, achievements and inventions ten-year period of our Milavitsa's development was finished by registering in year 2000 Joint Venture Joint Stock Company 'Milavitsa'.

Within such a strategy the production machinery is being constantly upgraded. Modern computer equipment is installed in all departments starting from art-experimental laboratory where ideas about new products are born and to marketing department which cares of promoting the goods all over the world.

No wonder that women, connoisseurs of underwear, like lingerie from Milavitsa so much – with its help it is easy to make the shape of body look perfect. Every model of Milavitsa is elegant, comfortable, functional... and not only this. Fine laces, stretch lycra, soft tactel, meryl and viscose – and lingerie is so distinguished, comfortable and fine that women in underwear from Milavitsa feel like a charming Queen with an ideal figure.

Nowadays Joint Venture 'Milavitsa' is one of the biggest lady lingerie factories in Europe. The annual production exceeds 14 million pcs.
The use of high quality fabrics and high technologies, modern production and computer equipment, highly qualified specialists allow making goods which meet International Quality Standards. Strong competition does not let stop developing. Many efforts are taken to improve the quality of the goods produced and to improve the level of services.

Daily more than 2200 employees of Milavitsa are involved in production of different styles of briefs, bras, bustiers, corselet-briefs, sets, night garments, tops, pareos, and swimsuits. Every year 'Milavitsa' creates new collections improving its inventions.

From year to year the company has been developing and products have been becoming more and more beautiful, more and more women are enjoying underwear from Milavitsa. Nowadays trade mark 'Milavitsa'® is well known in many countries all over the world – women wear comfortable and elegant underwear from Milavitsa. Advantageous geographical position of the firm allows constantly finding new business partners in many countries all over the world.
Advance of Milavitsa is closely connected with high level of company's culture supporting the necessary quality level and abiding international rules. For Milavitsa and its distribution network each customer is the result of quality policy.

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