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Aug 1, 2015

Perfect stitches

The Industrial sewing machines have been in active use for manufacturing not only apparel such as clothing and underwear but also bags, shoes, car seats and sofa, among other items we use every day.


As consequence of pursuing the best quality and performance in the production chain, a single model has a single function in most of the models of industrial sewing machines. For example, there are a model specifically designed for sewing straight seams, a model for sewing zigzag stitches, and a model for sewing buttons on garments and many other diferent uses. Since those models of industrial sewing machines are used as production facilities in the garment factories, they are required to achieve speed and durability. A certain model performs the sewing at the maximum speed of 8,500 revolutions per minute, which is higher than an engine for sports cars.

Presently, many of the industrial sewing machines that are engaged in complicated actions are mostly computerized. The Industrial sewing machines equipped with those electronic devices are capable of performing many different processes automatically only by pressing a switch. Those machines, therefore, may be called sewing robots instead of sewing machines. 


From our very first days in business, Juki Corporation has striven to create new values through "Monodzukuri" (japanese for: the art of product-making) and the ongoing invention and evolution of technologies. Today the company is strongly advancing business reforms in every operation front, from development and manufacture to sales and marketing. The goal is to thrive in the 21st century as a strong global enterprise.
The company's concept is "Mind & Technology" (emotionally accessible technology). This is both the corporate slogan and "Customer Creed."
Juki has always provided products and services from customer viewpoints in the conviction that the company can learn from the customer and create new values with its clients.
Also, Juki responds flexibly to today's rapid changes in markets and customer needs as an enterprise blessed with the unflagging support of clients all over the world. 

Industrial sewing products

Juki produces a range of sewing machines designed for a wide variety of uses. From household and semi-professional sewing machines to SMT (Surface Mount Technology) systems and industrial machines, the japanese company makes them all.

1 needle, straight stitch
These are intended for sewing straight seams. Since this type of machine is required to provide an increased speed and durability, various contrivances are introduced in many parts of the equipment.

Overlock/Safety stitch

This type of machine finishes material edges so that they do not fray. Overlock/safety-stitch sewing machines are used for almost all of sewing products ranging from handkerchiefs, jeans and heavyweight carpets.

Zigzag stitch

This is intended for sewing zigzag stitches. Since zigzag stitches are naturally elastic, they have been usually used for sewing inner wear, etc. The latest models are capable of sewing, in addition to zigzag stitches, a broad range of clothing such as ladies' jackets and blouses for sewing unique decorative patterns.

Buttonhole sewing

This is intended for sewing buttonholes. It is used for buttonholing jeans, chino pants, and men's and ladies' jackets. The machine offers easy and quick adjustment when changing buttonhole size to match the button size.

Automatic machines

A single machine is capable of performing the entire process for sewing pockets, from folding a pocket piece, sewing it on the body part and sewing the reinforcing stitches on the pocket lip. It is a sewing robot to help achieve streamlining of a plant. Conventionally, the pocket-sewing processes are carried out by three or four operators. However, one automatic machine is able to quickly complete the same processes. The automatic machine also offers another advantage to allow an inexperienced new comer to run up pockets of uniform quality.

It's able to automatically sew pre-set number of buttons on a men's shirt only by placing a right front body on the machine. It contributes to significantly the increased efficiency by sewing buttons with consistency while eliminating even small differences in intervals or horizontal positions of buttons that are usually caused by manual work


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