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Feb 1, 2017


MAC Cosmetics was born in 1984 and soon established itself as leader in the professional makeup industry. Its products are a true success.

The way of dressing and making up can tell a lot of each person. There are those who like discreet makeup, and those who prefer it bolder. Nevertheless, so important as knowing how to use the products, is to choose a brand that guarantees a beautiful and perfect makeup. MAC Cosmetics can do this, with the advantage that it is suitable for all age groups, races and sexes, and is therefore perhaps the leader in the professional cosmetics industry.

Selena Quintanilla was a Mexican-American singer who, in addition to the impact she had on music, stood out for her beauty. To celebrate her short life, MAC Cosmetics launched, in partnership with Suzette Quintanilla, the MAC Selena makeup collection that quickly became a sales success. This range seeks, through colors and textures, to reflect the singer's vivacious style. The products marketed have the names of Selena's songs. "Missing my Baby" is a shadow that can be purchased for $17.00. "Tecno Cumbia" is a two-tone blush that costs $29.00. Perhaps one of the most iconic products is the lipstick "Dreaming of You" which tone recalls a color used by Selena and costs $18.00.

If MAC Cosmetics products are perfect for everyday use, so are they, but they go much further, being used, for example, in the seventh art. Paul Gooch was responsible for the makeup and hair of the characters in characters in the latest film by American filmmaker Tim Burton, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children". The artist used MAC's makeup range to create young eccentrics. «When changing an actor's appearance to achieve a character look, the right makeup and hair colouring is the greatest challenge», said Paul Gooch. «They needed to look like real people, not caricatures», he also told.

MAC Cosmetics was launched in March 1984 in Toronto, Canada, by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo who, in the absence of products that met their requirements, began to make cosmetics "in the kitchen". The products had a quick acceptance, and now, over 30 years later, this brand defines the trends of fashion weeks around the world, integrating the Estée Lauder Companies since 1994. MAC Cosmetics collaborates with strong cultural names such as Rihanna or Lorde, and is sold about in more than 105 countries.

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