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Dez 1, 2014

Passion for Chocolate

Kommunarka Factory is one of the largest confectionaries in the Republic of Belarus. The company's annual output reaches 25,000 tonnes of confectionary goods. The company's products portfolio includes over 300 descriptions of sweets, chocolate, caramel, candy drops, toffee and waffles.


The company has been awarded the right to mark its products (fondant chocolate and chocolate with/without fillings) with a Natural Product label. The label guarantees that the company uses only natural ingredients grown without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, hormonal agents and GMOs. The products do not contain any artificial flavours and colours.
Kommunarka confectionary goods are highly valued by customers in Belarus and also in Russia, the USA, Czech Republic, the Baltic states, Germany, and Israel.
Its products have won various awards at professional exhibitions and contests, having recently won The Best Product of the Year, the Most Favoured Brand, the Well-Known Brand, and other nominations. Yet, customer loyalty is the highest award for the company. For several years in a row Kommunarka has been named Confectionary Number One in Belarus at the Choice of the Year Contest.

Expanding chocolate Selection
As the second largest Belarusian confectioner, Kommunarka is expanding the selection of milk and bitter chocolate with fillings. In particular, they will start making chocolate with raisins and nuts. For this purpose, the enterprise will re-equip its production line. Kommunarka produces various types of milk, bitter and dessert chocolate, 4 kinds of chocolate with fillings and 2 types of Sweet dance candy bars. The selection amounts to 25 kinds of confectionery. The company also makes chocolate-glazed and non-glazed sweets, chocolate, candies, iris, drops, waffles, and cocoa powder.

In October-December 2004 the enterprise was operating at its full capacity due to the coming New Year holidays. In November-December many trade organizations have increased the demand for confectionery, especially for chocolate boxes and gift sets. The enterprise reports, in January they will launch the production of caramel in flow-pack. New packing equipment has been bought for the purpose. The enterprise is also planning to re-design sweet wraps.

From classics to novelties
Annually more than 25 thousand tons of various delicious products are manufactured there. At the moment there are five major workshops operating at the company. There are three sweets production workshops, a caramel production workshop and a chocolate production workshop. A lot of attention is devoted to creation and introduction of new products. On one hand this ensures constant interest of customers and on the other hand new products guarantee that company keeps up with constantly changing market trends. The major brands so appreciated by customers are 'Truffle' chocolates which are classic chocolate sweets with light almond aroma; 'Soufflé' chocolates which are light soufflés with a gentle vanilla taste covered with a light layer of chocolate; 'Capital' chocolates are the ones with the liquor filling; 'Little Red Riding Hood' chocolates have waffles with praline filling coated with chocolate; 'Loved Alionka' chocolates contain praline filling which is cover in chocolate. 'Griliaz' chocolates are made of candied roasted nuts coated with chocolate. And those are only the most famous classics.
Confectionary specialists at the company do their best to develop new brands. For instance Kommunarka produces sugar free chocolate 'Waistline' for those who keep fit and watch their diet. Even those with diabetes can find something for themselves among Kommunarkas products. 'Diabetic Griliaz' was created especially for those customers who suffer from this malady. Kommunarka offers a great selection of chocolate which includes classic chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with different fillings. There are also chocolate sets to choose from. There is a variety of boxes of chocolates with different fillings. Kommunarka offers a large assortment of hard candy mixes with different tastes and fillings. But that is not all. One can get handmade chocolate masterpieces from Kommunarka. 'Monte' product line was developed to satisfy most demanding customer. These products have an unforgettable taste and form. 'chocolate fantasy' line was created to meet the most extravagant needs. Kommunarka's goal is joy of its customers. And with such a variety of products that is easy to achieve.

Drink of gods for everyone
Few words should be said about Kommunarka's chocolate Bar where one can have a tasty cup of hot chocolate. As a matter of fact this bar is unique for Belarus because of the exceptional way in which the hot chocolate is made. The basis of the product is grated cocoa. It is the only cocoa based drink in the country free of artificial ingredients. Such hot chocolate is a real drink of gods. What is more hot chocolate has many positive effects on the wellbeing as it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the good condition of the human body. So instead of taking pills one can visit the chocolate bar and enjoy a delicious healthy cup of hot chocolate.

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