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Apr 1, 2016

Over 80 Years Feeding Babies

Holle is one of the leading manufacturers of organic food for babies and one of the oldest children food companies in Europe. "Love, protection and Holle," it is with this message that it has conquered parents and babies in over 80 years of history. The brand was born in Switzerland, has expanded throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Jars, tea, rusks, biscuits, fruit bars, complementary oils, porridge for babies, and milk porridge are some of the products of Holle-Nährmittel-AG, a brand of children's organic food, founded in 1933 in Arlesheim, Switzerland, by Albert Diefenbach. From an early stage, it unconditionally waived of processing additives and chemical preservatives, favouring a dietary guidance with anthroposophy and biodynamic quality. Currently, the production of baby food is made exclusively with raw materials from biodynamic or organic farming processed in a careful and balanced way.

Holle's biological cereal porridge for babies contains easily soluble flakes and are made based on whole grains. The latest milk porridge of the brand - " Organic Fruit Porridge Banana-Semolina" offers, besides carefully selected grains, a good fruity taste, is rich in gluten and naturally occurring sugars, but none added, and it is suitable for babies from six months on. Organic Millet, Wheat or Banana porridge are other varieties of milk porridge available for children from four months. As for non-milky porridge, the brand offers a wide variety of porridge: Rice Flakes, Semolina, Oat Flakes, Muesli, 3 Cereals, Corn & Tapioca. The introduction of the first organic milk product for babies with 99% organic raw material took place in the mid-1990s, which made Holle one of the first suppliers in Europe to offer a complete range of baby food products with exclusively biological quality.

That which was initially a distribution company, quickly began producing bread and the first organic baby food, such as cereals, the production of bottles and porridges to combine with or without fresh milk, and fruit. Until 1960, the foods were marketed exclusively in Switzerland, when the brand entered the German market specializing in dietetics, and in the 80s, won new European markets. The expansion forced the company to move the production of cereal porridge to Germany in order to ensure quality and better access to European Union markets. Holle won the world from the year 2000 on, first increasing its presence in the European market, particularly in Spain, Portugal, Greece and later in England, Ireland and Iceland, followed by the entry into new continents such as Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2012, the Holle GmbH C02 footprint was registered, as well as the brand's complete chain of milk food suppliers. In the same year, it bet on the Chinese market, where the products are so popular that a sister company was created, "Holle baby food China, Peking." Aware of the responsibility that a manufacturer must have for the environment, for babies and for their future, Holle focuses on the development of a sustainable economy, illustrated by the slogan "Making Good Soil", and the introduction of the wheat ear symbol on product packaging. Holle is the only brand of baby products with CO2 neutral process and the Demeter seal, having received the Demeter Award of Honour in 2015. Demeter is the brand that identifies the world's biodynamic products, following the principles of Rudolf Steiner, considered the founder of biodynamic agriculture. Allowances were granted through biodynamic projects composting of "Soil & More" in Egypt and South Africa. In partnership with Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland, the brand is also committed to the ethical principles of governing the rearing of laying hens and chickens, and supports projects that promote natural diversity rather than genetic engineering.

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