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May 1, 2016

Organic Taste

The tomato is native from South America and was introduced into Europe in the XVI century. Today, it is essential in a healthy diet. Recent studies show the beneficial effects of tomatoes in our body and its preventive and healing properties as an antioxidant. Organic goods are natural, and obtained without using chemical products. In order to be labelled as organic, these natural products, whether or not they are processed, such as meat, agricultural crops, wines and soft drinks, must not show any trace of chemical residue. Besides delicious, organic food is ideal to the health.


HCC, S.L. - HORTOFRUTÍCOLA CASTILLO CABEO is an organic tomato producer in Almería, Spain. Backed by three generations with more than 40 years of accumulated experience in garden vegetable production, the quality policy of HCC Group in organic tomato crop meets all requirements of both customers and suppliers. The cultivations are registered in the CAAE - Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture, because the company carries out only and exclusively biological tasks and practises, such as pollination, the biological struggle and the use of ecological products.

Located in one of the areas with the best agricultural quality in Europe, especially for the growth of tomatoes, HCC Group specializes in this sector. The agricultural operation is set in the middle of the bay of Almería, Spain, a location with special agricultural-climatic conditions that make El Alquián and La Cañada ideal areas for cultivating garden vegetables of internationally recognised prestige and quality. The agricultural-climatic peculiarities of the region make it so that the cultivations conserve the best quality year-round, having a positive impact on them, especially during the Winter season, with milder temperatures, and less humidity. The farm is supplied by its own well, and the water has an exceptional mineral salt content which, along with organic contributions, provides perfect nutrition for the cultures.

The Choice of Organic Tomatoes

Organic tomatoes in particular are healthier, containing more vitamins, proteins, minerals, and antioxidants, and are free from transgenics, pesticides, weed-killers and hormones, harmful to our health. They are also tastier, compared with regular production tomatoes, with a lower water content, resulting in a more concentrated flavour. This is due to the chemical fertilizers, that increase the plant's absorption of water, to grow faster, and are prohibited in organic agriculture. Consequently, organic products have more dry matter, which is what gives flavour to the fruit.

Organic farming also makes for a more homogeneous growth of the fruit, with all the production processes strictly controlled. A high quality process means a high quality product. Moreover, organic tomatoes offer more variety: biodiversity is a key component in the defence of ecological production, because it contributes to the promotion of local varieties, and to the prohibition of the use of genetically modified crops. 

It is important to emphasize that organic production means more respect for the environment, since no chemically synthesised products are used in the production process. Organic foodstuffs guarantee the continuity of varied food, clean of synthetic chemicals, that spawns from the earth, with three main benefits to the environment, derived from an organic production: fewer CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, less erosion of the earth's surface, and the retaining of the ground's fertility and biosphere.

HCC, S.L. main products are the round tomato, Pitenza and Ramyle varieties - an especially flavoured tomato, deep red coloured, very fleshy and smooth; the ribbon tomato, of the Marmalindo variety, an irregularly shaped tomato, with deep grooves, and shades of green and red. It provides a sweet taste, which makes it particularly suitable for salads or to take alone; the cherry tomato, Blackpearl variety, an intense and sweet flavoured tomato, of a dark green colour; Ox Heart Tomato, an orange-red tomato of a bigger size, very tasty and consistent, with a fine peel, abundant pulp and small number of seeds. Particularly suitable for salads and for stuffing; and the Velasco tomato, a big sized tomato, with good flavour, and very consistent and uniform, ideal for salads and for cooking.

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