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Jun 1, 2015

Organic Matters

Grocery industry was one of the first to adhere to organic product trend, around 20 years ago, making it possible for Denmark's organic production growth until today, to become proporcionally one of the countries with the highest rate of organic products in the food market sector: 8% of the market is organic food. The government's investments in organic farming have helped increase this rate, aiming to expand Denmark's 7% of land area used for organic farming to 15% by 2020.

Nordic Foodie

What if there was a children's snack that is not only healthy, but also organic, delicious and a proven success among children? Well, now there is, with Nordic Foodies, a product created for the children, taking their nourishment into consideration.

Anyone with a child knows that it's not easy to find good healthy snacks for them, and one that they like. With Nordic Foodies, there's a range of flavors that appeal to children while nourishing them. Using a freeze drying process based on a technique used by Incans thousands of years ago, the food is first boiled, then frozen. Then, the pressure is reduced, which leads to the vaporization of the frozen water, rather that melting, leaving the food structure intact, with little percentage of water, providing better preservation. The technique also mantains the vitamins, fibers and minerals naturally present in the food, and all the aromas, flavors and colors are still there.

Nordic foodie offers a range of flavours and products:

Crunchy Foodie, offering beetroot and spinach flavors, are crispy organic bits made of whole grain spelt and whole grain rice with a splash of apple juice and a pinch of spinach. Crunchy Foodie stimulates the baby's fine motor skills: their shape and size encourages babies to reach for them to put them in their mouth and thus train their precision grip.

Veggie Foodie, with butternut and broccoli flavors, made of freeze-dried butternut, banana and apple. Veggie Foodie is a good addition to your child's daily vegetable intake. The combination of fruit and vegetables makes Veggie Foodie a tasty snack even for children who don't love vegetables.

Yogi Foodie, apricot and blueberry flavors, made of freeze-dried yogurt with banana, apple and apricot, proides calcium, that's why yogurt was included in Yogi Foodie. Yogurt is full of calcium and is easier to digest than milk. 

All the dried bits melt in the mouth, so there is no choking hazard, and the taste of real fruit also contributes to the child acquiring new great taste experiences, as well as providing more vegetable, fruit and calcium intake.

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