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Nov 1, 2016


Regardless the place where you live, players of various nationalities join the Cyber Sports League platform and play, for example, a football game.

Nowadays it is possible to play an e-game with players from across the world. Whether an amateur, or a professional player, there are communities of players who are on platforms for a football game, or a battle. There are no barriers such as time zone or location. The game is mostly virtual.

Cyber Sports League was created thinking of those who like to play online games. Headquartered in the Middle East, it aims to create a virtual environment for the meetings of both regional and global players in either amateur, or professional games.

For this, Cyber Sports League has created an organization that promotes the participation of players of various ages in an interregional and well structured environment. Besides, they aspire to engage the digital industries into high-quality games, too.

Cyber Sports League defines as essential values discipline, sportsmanship and strong sense of community, bearing in mind issues as relevant as health and social responsibility of the involved.

The tournaments run online or LAN. They use various platforms, including PC, Playstation or Xbox. The main platform is the Cyber Sports League website that allows the registration of each player.  The participants can edit their profile on the website, monitor results in each tournament and stand out on a regional scale.

The Cyber Sports League participants can play from anywhere in the world. In a situation of a tournament specific location it is timely announced.

Individual or professional players can participate in small and large tournament games like "League of Legends", "Dota 2", "Call of Duty", "FIFA", "Counter-Strike", "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty", among others.

Contactos – Contacts:
Tel.:+971 55 4443535
Al Thuraya Tower 1, 14th Floor, Office 1409, Dubai Media City
Dubai, UAE 
P.O. Box 502167

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