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Nov 30, 2015

Oilfield solutions

Present in two countries, TUOSSCO showcases the expertise and knowledge necessary to carry out big and complex projects in the areas of oil, gas, power and water. Founded in 1992, it's a privately owned company with projects completed in both Iraq and Jordan.


Technical United Oilfields Services & Supplies Company Ltd. (TUOSSCO)  was established in 1992 for the purpose of providing the best services and supplies for the oil & gas industry, petrochemical, power, and water treatments projects in Iraq.

TUOSSCO has the capability to deliver successful projects wherever there is a need, with the processes employed, price and delivery schedule guaranteed, and the ability not only to design and construct projects, but also to finance and operate them. Established relationships with funding agencies, financial institutions, developers and constructors enable financial restraints to be overcome and much needed projects to proceed.

TUOSSCO has involved with well- known international companies in partnering, design-build, design-construction management and turnkey projects, we implemented contracts in the energy, and services sectors in Iraq with values exceeds.

Because of TUOSSCO's immense experience in various fields and long history of co-operation with numerous public and private companies in the world, it has great capabilities to cooperate with companies in developing and entering the Iraqi market and else where.

In cooperation with multinational, American, European, and Asian companies, TUOSSCO managed so many projects and successfully and efficiently completed them to the best standards and requirements. TUOSSCO believes in delivering value added services to its customers through innovative marketing practices relying on the expertise of its dedicated team of qualified professionals.

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