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Dec 31, 2015

No More Hidden Gluten

Nima is a portable food lab designed to test small samples of foods for the possible presence of specific ingredients (for now just gluten). When you test foods with Nima, a complex chemical/mechanical process takes place, allowing Nima to tell you whether or not a specific food item was detected in the sample. With Nima's test results in mind you can make more educated decisions about the foods you choose to eat. 


If you or your loved ones have food sensitivities, specifically when it comes to gluten, Nima is for you. Nima will help you judge whether or not the food you're about to eat or prepare contains something you're trying to avoid. While Nima can't guarantee that your entire meal will be free of a specific allergen, testing a sample of your food with Nima gives you information you've never had access to before, and can help you make more informed decisions about what you choose to eat.

There are two parts to Nima: the Nima sensor itself, and a package of disposable test capsules. To use Nima, you'll place a small sample of the food you want to test in a disposable capsule, then insert the capsule into Nima to test. In a few minutes the Nima sensor will indicate whether or not the presence of the ingredient you're trying to avoid was detected (in this case, gluten), and you'll be that much more informed about your food!

The Nima sensor is totally portable and small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, and it's really light. 

Nima is designed to be simple and easy to use for anyone aged 6 or older, although the company recommends some adult supervision for users aged 10 and under (at least until they get the hang of it). It's not recommended that Nima be used by children under the age of 3, given the small lids for the disposable capsules.

Nima uses antigen-based chemistry in a proprietary chemical-mechanical process to detect the presence of gluten in samples of food at a level of at least 20ppm. In short, when you put a sample of food into a disposable test capsule and screw on the cap, chemistry happens. Once the chemistry has happened, Nima reads the results of the chemistry with extreme accuracy, analyzes the results, and presents them to you in an easy-to-understand way.
The process and the chemistry have been developed, tested, and re-tested by a brilliant science team who have their own share of food-sensitivities, and who share a dedication to providing food-transparency to all through Nima. 

If a test result comes back with less than 20 ppm of gluten, users should still proceed with caution before eating a meal, as gluten could still be present. While Nima can give you an extra layer of information about your food, people with Celiac disease or other significant food allergies should not solely rely on Nima to manage their food choices. The Nima sensor is not intended to replace what you are already doing, or your doctor's recommendations on how to avoid certain foods.

Nima will catch cross-contamination instances where foods may be cooked in the same oil (for example french fries) or in the same water (such as gluten free pasta being cooked in the same water as wheat-based pasta). There may be times when cross-contamination occurs in food handling that the sendor will not catch, and the sample you test from your plate may or may not show gluten (such as a server who touches bread and then your plate). In every case, even with the extra data Nima can provide, you should always use your best judgment in choosing what to eat and what to avoid.

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