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Nov 1, 2017

New Trade Platform in Russia

The service is already working on test phase and hopefully will be fully operational by the time you read this edition, we're referring to Tmall, a service whose existence dates back to 2010 but that so far had been limited to the Chinese territory.



Tmall is a platform managed by Alibaba and it allows direct wholesales between distributors or brands and the client, with no other intermediaries.

While on China Tmall has its own server, on Russia the platform will be working inside the AliExpress portal. It will be the first time Tmall will be used outside of China, and such is due to the extreme popularity of AliExpress amongst Russian citizens, attracting an average of 15,6 million clients every month, number that let online trade giant AliBaba to consider it as good idea to take advantage of that market to implement Tmall abroad.

Although using the same portal as AliExpress, Russian Tmall will function as a fully independent online store, uniting an unlimited number of sellers on an authentic online market and the main novelty, and attractive, is that the clients that purchase their items on Tmall instead of AliExpress will get them via domestic mail, given that AliBaba has been establishing partnerships that allow it to now use warehouses in Russian territory without the inconvenient of custom fees. The warehouses have been stocked throughout the last two years and, in some cases, it was already possible to choose on AliExpress from which country you want your parcel to be shipped from, but with Tmall we are no longer talking about a few products being available for domestic shipping, all of the products will have that option!

AliExpress's director for the Russian territory, Mark Zavadsky, stated that with the lauching of Tmall they are assuring a better customer service, given that unlike AliExpress that leaves the job of packaging and shipping the merchandise to the sellers, having it spread out through several warehouses on China and other Asian countries, Tmall has an unique careful selection of products that are all centralizes on a single warehouse on Russian territory and are shipped out directly by AliBaba's own logistics.

The purpose is to encourage Russian and international brands to place their products on the platform, be it electronics, home appliances, clothing, toys and the whole variety of items we already grew accustomed to find in AliExpress. Keep in mind that AliExpress's main competitor, Amazon, does not ship many of its products to Russia and the ones that it does ship are always at a high cost for the customer, something that does not happen with AliBaba's aim to attract more clients locating their warehouse directly on Russian territory.

Tmall's main portal is the worl's 14th most visited website and already includes over 14,000 international brands registered for sale, some directly by the brands and others through its official distributors. Since 2015 Russian and Chinese authorities have been establishing new trade agreements and creating e-commerce platforms to push forward the economic ties between the two nations, facilitating payments via online options.

The AliBaba Group was established on 1999 and during its 18 years of activity it became the world's more popular online commerce platform, attracting more clients than the ever popular Amazon, using AliExpress for direct sales to the public, AliBaba platform for sales exclusively between businesses and Tmall for the direct contact between suppliers and clients on wholesales for the first time ever outside China, with the exception of Tmall all the other platforms are already available in English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and French languages. 

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