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Jul 1, 2015

You Can Invest in the Business of the Century

Normally, fuels like gasoline, diesel and other refined products are produced in oil refineries where crude oil is processed and refined. It is unusual to speak about producing such products of other origins. But there are less known technologies that successfully produce refined fuels using used tires and other waste plastics with high caloric content. And this process can assure a very high environmental protection. This technology is duly registered at the World Intellectual Property Organization under the Patent Cooperation Treaty since 2002 and it has been already tested and applied.


After the experimental phase already completed, the Portuguese company GBEN – PRODUÇÃO DE COMBUSTÍVEIS Lda got the representation of this technology for promoting the industrial development in several countries, either in Europe or other Continents as South America and Africa with important internal markets of used tires. 

After studying the conditions for the implementation of this type of Project under a turn-key solution, the initial studies recommended a standard dimension of 40 ton/day, what means the need to have access to about 15.000 ton/year of used tires and other waste plastics for reaching a non-stop production. However, this dimension may be reached in successive phases through modules of 10 ton/day steps, facilitating the start up. The estimated investment is about EUR 15.000.000, of which about EUR 10.000.000 corresponds to equipment to be delivered by the group that owns the technology, in order to avoid any breach of confidentiality regarding the registered licenses, but this estimation has to be adjusted as soon as specific technical designs are finalized, after having a final decision about location and the engineering cabinet responsible for the technical execution is selected. The execution of the Project takes about 20 months, as the normal delay for the production and assembling of the equipment is 14 months.

The selection of the location and the site for implementing the industrial plant must take into consideration the location of the points of collecting used tires and other used plastics in the area of the plant, where is higher the concentration of vehicles and consumers, implying a site of about 30.000 m2 to buy or rent, allowing a possible expansion if it is possible to have access to more than 15.000 ton/year of used tires and waste plastics. 

Regarding the technology above mentioned, basically it is the same used in a refinery that transform crude oil into refined products and gas, through a normal petrochemical process: the cracking of the molecules, gasification, cleaning of gases and rectification. The main technological innovation in this patent is in terms of recycling waste, provoking direct environmental benefit in terms of removal of any pollutant components and assure high yield in the production of new products, as gasoline, diesel, gas, solvents and acids. Taking into consideration that the technology improves the environmental quality it is included in the general concept of Valorization Operations referred into the Annex II of the Directive 2008/98/CE with the denomination of R1 – Use as fuel or another way of energy. 

The functioning of the plant rely entirely on the regular access to the raw materials for transforming into fuels, other chemical products for industry and electricity from renewable source. This transformation is legally possible, as the industrial process is in accordance with legal applicable rules for recycling and energy valorization of waste, as set up in Directive 2008/98/CE of the European Union. For an industrial unit of 40 ton/day the annual production of gasoline and diesel, but also solvent, sulfur acid and electricity can generate a total aggregated sales of about EUR 8 million in the selected market. Considering the estimated operational costs, including about 25 workers, the provisional operational result leads to the conclusion that this Project is financially feasible with high levels of net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR).

Your VIP Partner spoke with one of the responsible for the development of the technology Mr. George Shamkulashvili, that assured the technical feasibility of the industrial process and has mentioned that investors are needed to develop this Project in several countries that are concerned with the negative consequences of the disposal of used tires in the environment, instead of using this source of energy for recycling them for producing new energy products necessary for the economy as gasoline, diesel, solvents and electricity. 

Such innovative idea may stimulate the interest of investors that have a solid interest in green energy for a better environment. What are you waiting for? 

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