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Abr 1, 2015


The acronym VDNKh stands for Russian vystavka dostizheniy narodnogo khozyaystva (Exhibition of Achievements of the People's Economy). It is an open joint stock company and the largest Exhibition centre in Moscow.


The center holds and organizes exhibition and fairs, congress arrangements, social actions, festivals, concerts, sporting competitions and other cultural arrangements. There are exhibition and commercial centers of Armenia; Kyrgyzstan; commercial exhibition, informative and marketing centre of Belarus and they also negotiate about opening of Ayzerbaydzhanskaya Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Volga and Central Federal Districts of Russian Federation. The center also organized permanent exhibitions of states – participants from the Commonwealth of Independent States and subjects of Russian Federation. These exhibitions represent science and technology, economic and cultural potential of States and Russia's regions.

The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy is the operator of Russia's National exhibitions and Russia and Moscow expositions, which are organized on the largest foreign and International exhibitions. In 2010 the Exhibition of achievements of national economy presented the Russia exposition in national pavilion on the World Exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai (China).

It provides wide range of services such as creation of exhibits, presentations of companies, regions, advertising, information, document, customs, transport and forwarding services, also visa, hotel reservations, providing office and trade areas and it also preserves the historical traditions at the same time.

The center offers to rent four specially equipped conference halls for the negotiations, business meetings, press-conferences and other similar activities. The large and small conference halls are located in the administrative building.

The large conference hall seats 500 people. It has scene, equipped with platform for speeches, sound system and large screen for displaying video. The total area of this hall is 746,5 square meters. The small conference hall seats 78 people. There is a table for the negotiations with microphones and sound amplifying equipment.

The hall for the business meetings is equipped with microphones, sound amplifying system and plasma screen. It is used as a hall for the events of a highest level. The total area of the hall is 80 square meters. Two more rooms for the rent are located in the Reception House.

The opening in 1939

An existing site, known as Ostankino Park (a country territory recently incorporated into the city limits), was approved in August 1935. The master plan by Vyacheslav Oltarzhevsky was approved in April 1936, and the first show season was announced to begin in July 1937.

The popularity of the would-be Exhibition among the agricultural workers was exceedingly high. The right to take part in it was contested by millions of collective farmers and sovkhoz workers, thousands of agronomists, zoo-technicians and machine-operators. The exhibition committee received around 250 thousand requests to present the displays.

The All-Union Exhibition of Agriculture has become an original contribution into the capital's architecture. An exhibition city that had sprung to life near its northern border on a 136 ha area included ponds, parks, experimental plots, 250 constructions of all kinds.

The sowed and plant areas on 20 ha represented the whole of the Soviet Union agriculture. Around 600 kinds of various crops were sown in one cereal-crop area. The exhibition garden presented a wonderful sight with its nearly 10 thousand plants. Among them were 600 sorts of horticultural crops, a rich collection of Michurin's crops. In total, 260 crops and over 3 thousand sorts were displayed in the open areas.

The country prepared for the opening of the All-Union Exhibition of Agriculture as for a big people's holiday and it took place on August 1, 1939. The first visitors came through an arch built according to the traditions of Ancient Rome triumphal archs. The success of the All-Union Exhibition of Agriculture was tremendous. From August 1 to October 25 it was visited by over 3,5 million people.

Present day

In 1992, VDNKh was renamed, receiving a new acronym VVC, which remained in use until 2014 and on 14 May 2014 the previous name VDNKh was restored, following an interactive poll. It occupies 2,375,000 square metres of which 266,000 square metres are used for indoor exhibits. The territory of VDNKh is greater than that of the Principality of Monaco and has approximately 400 buildings.

Currently, the larger international exhibitions are mostly held at the new facilities of Moscow Expo Center.

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