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May 1, 2017


Although minimalist, it manages to convey a diversity of feelings, depending on where and how it is used. Such is the furniture of South Korean designer, Hyung Suk Cho who, inspired by South Korean painting, combines classic and modern with simplicity and comfort.


Regardless the houses size, we often complain about the lack of space after a while, that is, after we put the furniture and the personal objects. Well, maybe we are wrongly choosing the parts. If we think of a sofa bed, for example, we quickly find that we could handle any situation where we must lay someone else or just want it for personal use in the case of living in a studio. Most are ugly, very traditional and/or large, but that's because they don´t know the Blank Sofa, a unique piece created by Hyung Suk Cho, a young South Korean designer.

This sofa bed combines elements of traditional Korean furniture with the needs of modern homes. Created from a continuous study that the designer carried out on Korean traditional forms and elements, the goal was achieved - building a mix between a sofa and a bed.

The designer initially thought of a sofa that was composed of two cushions firmly attached to a metal frame.

The idea has evolved and as such, the sofa now features a flat, wide seat covered by a long cushion, and another pair of removable cushions form the backrest. The seat rests on a single piece of wood, while the base has three horizontal wooden blades that support the sofa.

«I think this sofa will be able to convey a variety of feelings, depending on the space in which it is placed», says Hyung Suk Cho.

Designed and produced in South Korea, the sofa has the particularity of being made of natural materials, and is based on a simple structure consisting of only three wooden legs. The rear cushions can easily be placed around the structure thus transforming into a bed.

Designed especially for the local brand "Munito Furniture", it is based on a grey wood structure, whose shapes were inspired by the rustic Korean classic. According with the creator, «Blank combines two things, it is modern, but also classic».

Hyung Suk Cho has also been recognized for its talent in previous projects, including a wooden bench inspired by tiles; the "Modernatique" series, an elegant collection of a chair and coffee table; and a chair made of curved wooden shells, and a sofa for which he used upholstered blocks "stuck" in metal cages.

Little is known about this designer, still young, but who promises to give that talk to his clean, modern line, but with traditional inspiration that fits well in minimalist spaces and gives space, comfort and simplicity to your room.

Hyung Suk Cho isn´t, however, the first nor the only designer to include Korean elements in his creations. Another renowned artist is Studioilse, who worked on a sculpture technique recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and Jeong Yong, who created two pattern-inspired chairs often used in traditional houses and furniture Koreans.

Curiously, the minimalism is an artistic movement beginning in the twentieth century, that is characterized by the simplicity, by the elementary.

In the political arena, it is called minimalist to those who demand the minimum of demands or changes in the political system. One historical example was the Mensheviks, or members of a faction of the Social-Democratic Party of Russian Workers. Minimalists consisted of politicians who advocated a program of minimal change for the party during the debates of the Russian Congress of the year 1902.

In art, minimalist is who appreciates processes, materials and reduced themes. The colours and shapes are limited and presented with symmetry. Minimalism exerted great influence on architecture, design, industrial design, among others.

Currently, the minimalist style is related to contemporary sophistication, as demonstrated by the work of Hyung Suk Cho. 

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