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Nov 1, 2017


It will be held, during the month of November, for the first time in Portugal, the election of Mr. Black of 2017 – an ambassador of goodwill that will be assigned the task of delivering, in 2018, to Angola, the result of a humanitarian aid campaign.



The contest Mr. Black 2017 Portugal consists of three separate events: a 'casting'session, a gala dinner and an 'after-party'. The election will be made through the participation of the African community in Portugal and is intended as a celebration of the culture, beauty, the mystique of the African people, the diversity of rituals and traditions and roots.

The Mission of Africa Expressions is to represent and boost in Europe these values, promoting and organizing various events or supporting other actions.

Previous editions of this competition have elapsed in Brussels, Belgium, always under the organization of the NGO Africa Expressions a.s.b.l., a non-governmental organization founded in 2008 always connected on social, cultural, recreational events and sports.

The international platform Mr. Black came to Portugal by the hands of the President and Founder of the project, Isabel Denascimento who is also representative of the jury, composed of a wide range of personalities linked to the fashion, music and television, which will evaluate the finalists of the casting taking into account the humanitarian aspect of each participant.

The campaign that already runs aims to gather donations (equipment) to assist in healthcare to communities in Angola.

In previous editions, in Brussels, the event was able to raise the necessary humanitarian aid to the establishment of a drinking water fountain in the village of Kiota, Niger; help a hospital in Congo, with medical supplies; perform a social work in Morocco; in an orphanage in Senegal; help with medical supplies the town of Saly, in Cameroon, and even send multiple different help to other African countries.

The organization has the support of the International Red Cross and some associations of refugees.

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