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Jun 1, 2016


Tungsten carbide components stand up to the highest industrial machinery requirements. Cutting tools and other instruments made of this material are highly wear-resistant, exceptionally durable, and individually applicable.


DURIT is a modern family company that develops and produces precision tools and engineering components of tungsten carbide for more than 30 years. Whether it is standard or custom-made, for large-scale or individual production, at DURIT, more than 500 employees, experts, application specialists, and engineers support customers throughout the world.

DURIT Group's competence related to wear goes far beyond the classic tungsten carbide business, starting in cast iron and cast steel, precision tools made of steel, non-ferrous alloys, and technical plastics, through thermal spray coating, thin-layer coating or powder injection moulding.

Tungsten carbide is something special to DURIT due to the fact that components made of this material are highly wear-resistant, extremely long-lasting and most individually applicable. Through state-of-the-art technologies, the company creates solutions that meet high demands on more efficiency.

This material consists of alloys of metallic hard materials, called carbides, and a binding metal, the main binder usually being cobalt. The specific tungsten carbide features are determined by binder content and the grain size of the carbides. A high content improves toughness, while a lower binder content increases wear-resistance. The choice of grain size in turn affects hardness.

The best composition depends on the technical requirement and the respective application. If the focus is on creating corrosion resistance, nickel or nickel/chromium binders are suggested. Due to the long experience and broad expertise, DURIT is able to realize the suitable component in a precise accurate material composition.

Machining processes at DURIT start even before the sintering. The company's blanks, besides being incomparable against wear, are already very close to the final product, with a low grinding stock, thus optimizing the processing. The finishing is carried out with the latest CNC grinding (Computer Numerical Control), and eroding machines, achieving the highest precision.

DURIT's process-oriented thinking and foresight are very well emphasized by their processing diversity, from powder, to sintering through to the finished product and its refinement. Their products line includes blanks, engineering and machine components, cutting tools, and many other tools and components. These products are used in several different industrial sectors, namely automotive, chemical, petrochemical, oil, and pharmaceutical industries, medical technology, plant and mechanical engineering.

With a new service centre, expanded storage capacity, and a professional dispatching station, DURIT was able to implement a culture of proximity and close cooperation with the customers, focusing on their requirements. This culture is incorporated even in their offices, that are contemporarily furnished, have bright conference rooms and open meeting points. In the same manner, DURIT takes care of the environment, thus having the due certification, and fulfilling the requirement of an effective environmental and ecological management system.

The exceptional experience, know-how and competence of DURIT ensure that expectations are not only fulfilled but exceeded. The company strives for systematic product development in cooperation with scientific institutions, continuous education of companies' staff and fast response to the customers' requests.


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