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Aug 1, 2016


From a personal need, a brand was born, that is dedicated to creating chic furniture, bold, but that simultaneously transmits tranquillity. The bed is the main element of a room marked by the French boudoir.

If you want an elegant, contemporary, chic room, and above all unique, you can find the answer at the French Bedroom Company, with headquarters in West Sussex, United Kingdom. It was created in May, 2006, when the founder, Georgia Metcalfe, realized that the only way she could have a French bed, was if she ordered it from France. Georgia, an expert in styling and interiors, launched the first collection six months later.

The company sells high quality furniture and accessories, seeking to respond to the needs and desires of those who want theirs to be a room marked by the audacious French style. As such, the brand has created several collections, ranging from the bold Bonaparte style to the romantic Provencal.

According to Georgia Metcalfe, who is also the creative director, "a French bed is the focal point of your bedroom - so make it a good one ". She explains that most bed frames from her company are carved from mahogany (sustainable wood.) " Our gorgeous handmade luxury mattresses go perfectly with our traditional wooden bed frames to create comfy, classic upholstered beds that will look elegant for years to come."

Unique atmospheres

All pieces are designed in detail, regarding the design, production and textures. The team always has present the history and style of the heritage that they represent. They mix colours and textures, in order to create furniture that stands out for its uniqueness, and that is more notable when complemented, for example by chandeliers and textiles, also marketed by them. The brand guarantees the durability of the products and the possibility of creating unique environments.

Katie Law wrote in the "Evening Standard" that what pleases her in the French Bedroom Company "is its unashamed femininity" and "a hint of quirkiness and originality that's reflected across the entire range of glamorous French beds and wooden bed frames".

The brand has received several awards, among which are the appointment for the 5th consecutive year as "UK Cool Brand" and a high recommendation in the category "Best Online Furniture" in 2015. The team is experienced in interior design and is available to talk about furniture with customers. They are therefore present in various communication channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus. The products can be seen at the showroom in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, in a Victorian country house with seven bedrooms.

Chic Look

The French Bedroom Company distinguishes itself by the way they work the French design, since they manage to combine the traditional and the contemporary. The aim is that customers enjoy and feel relaxed in a room in which all parts are in harmony. The beds are handmade, and stand out for their quality, and luxury. There are beds in rattan, in antique white or vintage grey. The boudoir style, famous for the elegance and sensuality that it transmits, gains meaning, when the bed is combined with a dressing table, bedside tables, French wardrobes, chandeliers, mirrors or a chaise longue.

In the Bonaparte collection, we can find the luxury of furniture carved in solid mahogany. The pale blue and old white merge and give rise to a majestic elegance. The bed is impressive, both by its size, and its femininity. There are floral garlands, and a magnificent wardrobe. The bed, king size, can be purchased for about 4,000 USD, while the romantic chandelier that completes it, can cost 195.00USD.

Excellent service

The Provencal collection is the one that has more demand, consisting of 40 different pieces, luxurious and all with the same finish. The painting is done by hand. There is ivory, linen upholstery, and dark metal. The Provencal Ivory Velvet Upholstered bed, which combines elegance and grandeur, can cost about $3,100, while the price of the bedside table that accompanies is $358.80 per unit.

The reviews point it as a service of excellence. This is awarded furniture that, according with "Homes and Gardens" Magazine, "offers all you need to turn a bedroom into a boudoir".


Tel.: +44 01444 415430
E-mail: thegirls@frenchbedroomcompany.co.uk

Apsley House, Butler's Green Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 4AH

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