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Nov 1, 2017


A thousand kilometers at a medium speed of 120 km/h, short as few more than eight hours, in an electric vehicle. If this proposal sounds interesting, here we only expect an answer like: "stop dreaming, young man, and leave the impossible to fiction". Well, hold tight with this information, it was made in August 4th, 2017!



The day 4th of August sets a new benchmark in the future of electric mobility, in and out of the cities and even in longer travels across the country (no matter what country it is). Quantino from Nanoflowcell, represents a giant leap into a new concept of car travel. And, this time, it's not from Tesla…

Almost every vehicle based on alternative concepts of fueling, follow the same standards and ideas. Despite all the information and advice given by Governments and by society, the automotive industry is reluctant to welcome them and make them viable, preferring to follow its own path, without deploying any technological alternative.

In Germany, several brands have disapproved the law to eliminate diesel vehicles until 2020 and the PSA group (French) have proved reluctant to take any kind of compromise in the face of changes in its long-term plans. In the eyes of the big builders, the alternatives "always" seem too vague or it implies too much investment.

Nanoflowcell, however, proposes something different.

As a young company in the area of R&D (research and development), its bet is focused on the development of new technological options, cheaper and more reliable, at much lower costs, making them reliable and adjustable to the demands of the existing constructors.

The Quantino concept, is born precisely there!

This Swiss company has recovered a concept once developed (but abandoned) by NASA of the so-called "liquid batteries", so that the electricity produced by the engines were produced within the vehicle without having to collapse the storage batteries.

To this end, two liquids (yes, and it is here that the idea gains interest), an electrolyte and another (developed by Nanoflowcell) using nanotechnology are necessary. The effect of the contact between these two liquids through a porous membrane, is a chemical reaction that releases ions (electricity), water and salts.

The water is expelled through the process of evaporation, the salts are retained on a filter and (here, the idea acquires more interest), the electricity generated by the process is forwarded to feed each of the four engines placed in each of the wheels.

In all, the four electric motors generate the 136 HP that turn this little two-seater, an electric sport car that reaches 100 km/h in 5 seconds and can hit a top speed of 200 km/h!

Although a little more than a year, the mentor of the project, Nunzio de la Vecchia, was able to run 14 hours straight on a test track without having to refuel, it lacked the test in regular operating conditions.

Such, took place on the day 4th August 2017, in which it was accomplished a 1400 km trip, in a single turn, in 8 hours and 21 seconds. And this, without emissions, since the liquids required for the process are not toxic nor release any gases except water vapour.

An advantage of this system is the possibility to have an electric car running at only 48 V, instead of the high voltages of the electric models already in the market that not only makes this proposal much better at a security level, as allows using thinner cables, therefore, easier to get in the vehicle.

Of course, being a proposal still under development, it's not only flowers. The Quantino spent 190 liters of the solution developed by Nanoflowcell to scroll through these 1400 km, which means a consumption of 13.6 l per 100 km, although this average looks (and is) brutal, Nanoflowcell added that the production price of this solution is incredibly low, and around 10 cents per litre.

Contacts * * Böndlerstrasse 10 * CH-8802 Kilchberg

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