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Jan 31, 2016

Living Longer and Healthier

Elanco is a global animal health company, improving the health and performance of animals and helping to ensure a growing supply of safe, affordable, abundant food for today and the future. Elanco strives to develop and deliver products safe for consumers, animals and the environment. All Elanco products conform to rigorous regulatory oversight and quality assurance systems.


The need for the work Elanco does has never been greater. Pets are becoming an increasingly important part of many households. Owners turn to veterinarians for answers, guidance and innovation to ensure the well-being of their pets.

Animal health and food safety

Whether it pertains to a safe and sustainable food chain or the well-being of a family pet, animal health is a global issue requiring a global vision. Elanco has established a line of products, services and strategies designed to improve animal disease management and production efficiency, helping pets live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives, and advanced food safety, with the products targeting and treating some of the most harmful diseases in animal health. Elanco strives to offer first-in-class and/or best-in-class products for veterinarians and pet owners, providing products that target common and dangerous threats such as fleas and heartworm disease as well as growing medical conditions like separation anxiety.

Elanco products have earned the trust of producers and veterinarians through decades of consistent performance. Today, Elanco continues to develop new technologies for unmet and under-served areas of animal health and food safety, all of which advance Elanco's vision of food and companionship enriching life.


Elanco products and services enrich lives in one of the most fundamental ways possible: by helping to make food safe, affordable and abundant. Their antibacterials, anticoccidials, vaccines and parasiticides make food safer by preventing and controlling disease and reducing threats to animal health. Productivity enhancers make food affordable and abundant by increasing the amount of meat, milk or eggs from each animal

Food Safety

Elanco is equally committed to the safety of food. Elanco has launched a new business platform, Elanco Food Solutions, focused on food safety that develops and markets food-safety products and services to the food-animal industry through Elanco Food Solutions.

Elanco Food Solutions offers a new integrated systems approach to food safety. As food-production systems around the world evolve, the meat and poultry industries must move toward total-management systems where addressing food safety is imperative. Elanco Food Solutions brings its customers a full-service, science-based, proactive approach to food safety through food-safety technologies, informatics and diagnostics, as well as application systems for their food-safety interventions plus ongoing support, customized service and food-safety expertise.

Elanco works with global customers, veterinarians and industry leaders to understand current and future market needs.

To help ensure consistency, accountability and quality in meeting those needs, Elanco structures its research and development process into four stages: acquisition - Identifying products or technologies that could be applied to unmet or under-met customer needs; development - designing a specific formulation, assessing safety, defining dosages and establishing world-class manufacturing processes; registration - conducting definitive studies on animal safety, human safety and environmental toxicology, and providing other required information (such as product stability studies) to meet regulatory requirements; support - providing in-depth technical support for customers, partners and regulators, while continuing to evaluate new and better uses for products.

These processes have been structured and refined to provide partners and customers with fast results, proven quality and open access to a global network of scientists and technical experts.

Following such proven processes and disciplines has yielded a reputation for providing sound science—and for achieving numerous breakthroughs in the field of animal health. By pursuing innovation internally while also strongly seeking out partner-based development models, Elanco has been able to launch a steady supply of new products and services to outpace average industry growth.

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