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Dec 1, 2017


The "Slim and Svelte Diet" program is a unique method of thinning of French origin, which is expanding around the world.


This innovative method allows quick and effective weight loss through an exclusive hyperproteic diet, scientifically proven with the sale of meals ready to eat for the various phases of the diet.

The "Slim and Svelte Diet", is a hyperproteic diet which allows loss of up to 6 to 9 pounds in 8 days quickly and safely, without risk to the health and without loss of muscle mass, but always with accompanying nutrition professional.

It is based on a method developed by a group of experienced nutritionists in weight loss among patients with extreme cases of obesity. This method is simple and effective and is divided into several phases.

It's about eating during a preset period by the nutritionist, a ready meals diet of high protein intake. Some of these meals are authentic delicacies with chocolate, coconut bars, caramel and other flavors, puddings and snacks, salted, ´ s chip, chocolate, biscuits, muffins wafers, ready meals that just needs to warm up in the microwave, etc.

These meals are so tasty that you'll even forget you're on a diet...

"Slim And Svelte Diet" meals are sold from North to South of Portugal in clinics and selected health and beauty spaces.

We seek to expand "Slim And Svelte Diet" to most localities of Portugal and to export the concept to other countries under 'franchising' regime.

If you have interest in this highly successful business, ask for information by the email slimandsvelte.franchising@gmail.com, and live life to the fullest.

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