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Ago 1, 2015

Sweet Switzerland

Lindt & Sprüngli is a Swiss chocolate manufacturer and recognized as leader in the market for premium chocolate, offering a large selection of products in more than 120 countries around the world. During the 170 years of Lindt & Sprüngli's existence, it has become one of the most innovative and creative companies making premium chocolate.


In 1845, David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his inventive son, Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann, owned a small confectionery shop in the Marktgasse of Zurich's Old Town, and made a decision that would change the world of chocolate: they decided to be the first ones in the German speaking part of Switzerland to manufacture chocolate in a solid form. The delectable new treat met with the approval of Zurich's social élite, and after two years, the chocolate production moved from the cramped Zurich bakery to a small factory with ten workers.

When Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann retired from commerce in 1892, he had acquired a widespread reputation for the quality of his products and as an expert in his field. He divided the business between his two sons: the younger, David Robert, received the two confectionery stores, one of which, the Paradeplatz store, the larger of the two, enjoyed magnificent success; the elder brother, Johann Rudolf Sprüngli-Schifferli, received the chocolate factory and expanded it, equipping it with the most modern facilities then available. He rapidly realized though that the site allowed no room for further expansion. He therefore built a new factory in Kilchberg on Lake Zurich in 1899 and converted his private company into „Chocolat Sprüngli AG". At the same time, he was offered the option of acquiring the small but famous chocolate factory of Rodolphe Lindt in Berne, transferring not only the factory but also the manufacturing secrets and the Rodolphe Lindt brand name to the young Sprüngli company, changing its name to „Aktiengesellschaft Vereinigte Berner und Zürcher Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli".

1879 Rodolphe Lindt had developed a technique by which he could manufacture chocolate which was superior to all others of that period in aroma and melting characteristics. He produced chocolate with the wonderfully delicate flavor and melting quality which we know and love to this day. His "melting chocolate" soon achieved fame, and contributed significantly to the worldwide reputation of Swiss chocolate, until his retirement in 1905. 

During the first two decades of the 20th century, the Swiss chocolate industry enjoyed almost incredible expansion, especially in export markets. Lindt & Sprüngli played a powerful role in this boom which persisted throughout the First World War. Between 1920 and 1945 the firm had to face almost unimaginable challenges. Global protectionism and the depressions of the 1920s and 1930s led to the progressive loss of all foreign markets. After the World War II, the ageing plant needed to be replaced, to enlarge the now cramped premises, and thus keep pace with the sudden expansion of demand and markets. Throughout the twentieth century, the company kept acquiring chocolate factories all over the world and by 1993, worldwide net sales were reaching nearly 900 million Swiss Francs.  

Today, the Group is comprised of manufacturing sites in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy (two sites), the USA (four sites) and in Austria; sales and distribution companies and sales offices in five continents. Lindt & Sprüngli also markets its products via an extensive, worldwide network of distributors. 


The LINDT brand with its extensive and innovative global and local range of finest quality chocolate is present in around 120 countries worldwide.  

LINDT chocolates are known world over for their incomparable, unique taste and fine melting texture. The creation of such fine chocolate is an art that requires deep expertise, experience, dedication and passion for uncompromised quality.


As far back as the late 1980's LINDT had a pioneering role in shaping the market of dark chocolate with the launch of its innovative extra-thin EXCELLENCE bar. Nowadays available in more than 30 flavors, the EXCELLENCE line has become one of the most successful product ranges. Its premium silky sheen, velvety smooth texture and crisp clear snap as you break a piece off are qualities synonymous with excellence. The thinness of the tablet, designed to melt quickly on the palate, releasing exquisite tastes and aromas, exudes supremacy, and gives way to a unique, elegant mouth feel


LINDOR, the smoothest creation of the Maîtres Chocolatiers from LINDT. When you break its shell, the lusciously smooth chocolate heart of LINDOR starts to melt …and so will you. The LINDOR recipe was first created and advertised in 1949 as a tablet, but 20 years later, a highly successful companion product came along, with the launch of LINDOR balls. Every year, more than three billion LINDOR balls in many different flavors are enjoyed all around the world.

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