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Jul 1, 2016


Borjomi mineral water is believed to be the most famous brand of Georgia, a small country with unique nature and resources. Slightly salted and naturally carbonated water well forth from a 1.500 years old volcanic spring, where the physical pressure pushes it 10 kilometres high, to the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains.


Amazingly, Borjomi rises from the depths of the Earth with no special pumps needed, coming out warm at temperatures of 38 – 41º Celsius (warmer than a human body). On its journey upwards, the rocks of the Caucasian mountains enrich the water with over 60 different mineral compounds.

Unlike traditional "table" water that just refreshes your body, Borjomi is traditionally used for both medical treatments and body purification, thanks to its balanced composition and pleasant natural taste.

Since 1820 Borjomi mineral water has been used to treat chronic diseases of the stomach, liver, kidney and other inner parts of the human body. The mineral composition remains without changes since it was first recorded in 1890.

Active life

An active person focused on health and wellbeing should take care of their fluid balance. The equilibrium of daily intake of water and the amount the body loses during the same time period should keep the body pure and healthy. The loss of sodium and other microelements through sweat and urination could be compensated by drinking this lightly salted and mineral rich Borjomi water, that helps you feel more active and energetic.

Maintaining the body's balance of electrolytes helps your blood chemistry and muscle action. Borjomi water is rich in natural electrolytes and thus highly recommended during physical exercises.

Shower for your stomach

The "secret" of Borjomi is a unique balanced combination of more than 60 minerals with volcanic origin. Borjomi mineral water acts as an internal shower for your intestines and stomach, cleaning it from inside.

Bicarbonate-sodium water of this type cleans the body from slags as well as the final products of human metabolism. Experts recommend effective, and, most importantly, a natural way of cleansing – slightly alkaline mineral water.

Clinical studies report excellent results in treatment and prevention of many bowel diseases and other inner body parts, including chronic ones. Liver cells could restore its normal functioning thanks to Borjomi mineral water, making it unique in healing hepatitis and treatment of other liver diseases. Borjomi could help treat food poisoning, including heavy forms of alcoholic intoxication, diarrhoea and other bowel diseases.

For diabetics

Diabetics usually have a problem of excessive dehydration, so diabetic treatment should include intake of salts, to compensate the loss of the body's fluids. Diabetic patients that consume Borjomi mineral water, feel better physically, according to many years of clinical studies. Moreover, Borjomi stimulates synthesis of insulin thanks to microelements such as copper, sodium and sulphur. It has been found that normal pancreatic function, as well as water-salt metabolism, could be restored thanks to regular Borjomi consumption.

Weight loss and body purification

Extra weight affects the levels of body's hydration. Nutritionists recommend Borjomi mineral-rich water to improve the body's metabolism and generate triphosphoric acid, a source of energy in the human body.

Borjomi water is known to improve bowel function and remove toxins from the body. According to many experts, our body is "acidic from the inside out" due to modern methods of food processing that have caused increased levels of acidity in the human body's pH level. Regular consumption of Borjomi mineral water helps to balance the body's pH level and create better conditions for its metabolism.

Thorough geological and chemical investigations have been held regularly over the past 125 years in order to verify the water temperature, physical and chemical properties and mineral composition. Currently, chemical and microbiological analysis of the water is performed on an hourly basis to ensure that it conforms to strict European quality standards.

Borjomi water's balanced mineral composition makes it a suitable every day drinking water. Bottled directly at the mountain source, it has become popular in more than 40 countries worldwide. Rich in minerals, it could significantly improve your health and well-being. Its worth trying a bottle of Borjomi.

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