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Feb 1, 2015

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Given Gibraltar's status as a British crown colony, its culture and legal system are very much like what you find in the UK.

Gibraltar has a reputation of being one of the world's best-regulated financial centres. Given Gibraltar's status as a British crown colony, its culture and legal system are very much like what you find in the UK. Its legislation is based on English common law. The banking sector is regulated by the Financial Services Commissioner appointed by the Governor of Gibraltar on behalf of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Get personal advisory service by Jyske Bank Gibraltar
You will have your personal adviser as we have strong focus on personal relations. Through close dialogue between you and your adviser, your individual requirements will be identified, and together we will discuss and arrange the framework of our relationship.

Jyske Bank (Gibraltar) strengthens its Retail Banking service by creating a new Corporate Banking Team to focus on the local commercial business present in Gibraltar.

When Jyske Bank moved into Gibraltar in 1987, they did so by acquiring local institution Galliano Bank which had been part of the local banking scene since 1855. In doing so, Jyske Bank also acquired a portfolio of Gibraltar based clients, many of whom continue to maintain accounts with the Bank. Over the past 25 years, the Bank has expanded its business and we have found an increased need to focus on the growing demand for corporate banking services from our existing and potential clients.

We have therefore put together a team of highly experienced Relationship Managers who have worked with corporate clients for many years. The team will be headed by Peter Hinrichs Bering who is relocating to Gibraltar in October. He has considerable experience working with corporate clients in Denmark. He will be joined by Tessie Bishop and Nikolai Gafan who have over 40 years banking experience between them. Both are Gibraltarians with good insight on the local market.

The aim of this team is to deliver a localised personal service to businesses in Gibraltar and the surrounding area. They will look at ways of improving products and services to clients, and through local knowledge, assist in developing success for both clients and the Bank.

The bank is presente in Conpenhagen (Denmark), Hamburg (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), Gibraltar and Cannes (France).

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