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Oct 1, 2015

Japanese Roots

Real Wasabi, LLC, is a pioneering wasabi grower, importer and manufacturer of products made from authentic Wasabia Japonica, founded by Doug Lambrecht and Brooks Quinn. Wasabi is a nutrition-rich, flavorful, versatile condiment loved throughout Japan and Asia for hundreds of years.


Following years of research and experiments growing wasabi on Lambrecht's mountain farm in North Carolina, the pair launched Real Wasabi, LLC in 2005 to produce and market natural and organic products formulated with the distinctive flavors of Wasabia Japonica.

The company promotes the remarkable taste and healthful qualities of Wasabia Japonica, and they invoke the philosophy that «less is more» and all natural is best.  As such, there is minimal use of additives, colors, stabilizers or fillers in Real Wasabi™ products.

Unlike "faux wasabi" made from horseradish, mustard and food coloring that assaults sinuses when eaten, Real Wasabi™ is acclaimed by top chefs around the world for its unique agreeable heat and memorable sweet aftertaste.

Real Wasabi™ products, include fresh sawa wasabi rhizomes, Certified Organic Sauces and Dressings, authentic wasabi rhizome powder, and the company's fabulous wasabi flavored Cashews, Pistachios, Almonds and Nut Mix.

Wasabi History

Hundreds of years ago, according to the Japanese legend, wasabi was discovered in a remote mountain village by a farmer who then decided to grow it. He showed it to a Japanese Warlord of the era who liked it so much he declared it a treasure only to be grown in the Shizuoka area. 

This plant has a well-deserved reputation of being tricky to grow: it requires cold, pristine water with just the right amount and equilibrium of minerals.  Effective wasabi horticulture practices are carefully guarded secrets. 

With few producers worldwide, supply of wasabia japonica is quite limited, while demand for real wasabi is growing exponentially leading to prices rising accordingly.

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