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Jun 1, 2017


Ok, it is cheese and it's called yogurt. As far as we're concerned, it's alright, even because it really looks like yogurt. Regularly, on the markets of food for sportsmen, arise new products and dietary supplements which promise wonders.


These promises go through miracle infallible diets, onto the perfect body building. And, at least for this one, these promises seem to make sense.

All around the world, the consumption of Iceland's yogurt Skyr, has been gaining adherents and it is not unusual to find that they're all sold out in your regular supermarket. And some nutritionists sustain it is one sort of cheese and not yogurt.

Although this food has become popular in the latest years, history refers it is based on a recipe created in Iceland, 1100 years ago by the Vikings.

As Catherine Donnely explains in her 2016 book "Oxford Companion to Cheese", Skyr was originally made out with what was left of milk, after withdrawing its cream to produce butter. It was then added with fresh warm milk and animal rennet. After sour, they oozed the serum which would be used to preserve meat and fish and the remain was the Skyr which was then eaten.

Nowadays, Skyr is made after pasteurized skim milk, to which is then added with live cultures of bacteria what confers its thick texture, as well as a smooth and softly sour flavour. This is the reason why, to this product, are then added sweeteners and starches with fruit flavours, to make it more agreeable.

It is a dairy product which is used in high protein breakfast, healthy deserts or sweet snacks between meals and it can be a balanced additional to healthy diets.

Rich in nutrients

Skyr is a low in calories, fat and carbs, yet highly rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Even though there are great variations between brands, averagely, 170 grams of Skyr contain only 110 calories, 19 grams of proteins, zero fat and only 7 grams of carbs.

So you can compare it: the same quantity of Greek yogurt contains 7 grams of proteins and fat milk, 3,2 grams.

Such quantity of protein is one of the biggest benefits Skyr can bring into a balanced diet and weight control, as it reduces hunger and cause a fullness sensation.

Studies have shown that dairy products proteins can regulate blood sugar levels and help preserve muscle mass during most "aggressive" diets. They're also beneficial in weight balance and preventing obesity, as well as accelerate metabolism, thus allowing your body to burn more calories after meals.

High levels of calcium and phosphate in Skyr increase bone and teeth resistance, preventing the appearance of diseases like osteoporosis and preserving bone density in higher ages.

The consumption of Skyr is also beneficial to cardiovascular item. Its high quantity of calcium, potassium and magnesium are fundamental to heart health. It helps keeping low blood pressure and increase the blood flow, as well as the already referred blood sugar control, essential in preventing diabetes.

For individuals with lactose intolerance, however, the consumption of Skyr should be moderate. Even though Skyr production process reduces 90% of the milk's lactose, an excess of the consume can cause stomach pain and other inconveniences in the intestine flow. The ideal, anyway, is always to begin ingesting low portions of Skyr and, preferably, included in one of the many recipes to prepare it which you can find in many sites over the internet.

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