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Aug 1, 2015

It's all about location

San Francisco, California, USA. One of the most thriving and cosmopolitan cities in the world has one of the bigest sellers of luxury real estate in the country. Malin Giddings has been a household name in the northern side of San Francisco for years, becoming one of the most influential names in american real estate.

With a record of well over 3 billion dollars in residential sales combined with her unique focus on the north side of town in the finest locations, Malin's knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. Her portfolio of home representation is in a class by itself and without comparison.

Over the years, Malin's achievements have been featured in many articles highlighting several record-breaking sales such as the Getty Penthouse and more. 

San Francisco is known as one of the most vibrant niche markets with its spectacular City and water views. For Malin, "Location, Location, Location" has always been her singular focus. She has intimate knowledge and experience in marketing the finest properties in the most prestigious neighborhoods.

In the rarified world of luxury residential marketing, savoir faire makes all the difference. That is what Malin brings to every aspect of the process – proper pricing, innovative marketing and elegant presentation.

Her superlative website, along with brochures and print advertising elegantly convey a wealth of visuals and information. Custom presentations and sophisticated marketing are what set her apart to attract affluent clientele and high-end brokers. Most of the City's high-end sales are associated with her name, record-breaking time after time.

Malin's International background provides a perfect fit with Elite Estates International of which she is a founding member. This group is an international strategic alliance and unique affiliation of some of the world's top luxury real estate professionals. The group is a collaboration of agents who, at the pinnacle of their profession, have joined together to put in place an innovative networking system in order to create a high-quality standard of service for both buyers and sellers, unprecedented in the luxury real estate marketplace. The group applies its unparalleled marketing and negotiating expertise to provide a level of service, previously unattainable by any one individual, to a most discriminating clientele. Unified, the group provides personal direct marketing to exceptional clients world-wide. Further, the group will provide an opportunity to facilitate purchases in a way that ensures a quality experience anywhere on the globe.

International marketing

Malin's alliance with CB Previews International gives you powerful connections with the premier residential real estate company in the U.S. - and the marketshare leader in San Francisco luxury home sales.

With roots in the City going back to 1906, CB Previews International represents buyers and sellers of the most prominent properties in virtually every San Francisco neighborhood. But the power of this alliance goes far beyond the City.

Through the worldwide reach of the unique CB Previews international network, Coldwell Banker connects Malin - and you - with elite home buyers and sellers around the globe.

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