Aug 1, 2017

It's a Bird?… It's a plane?… It's a drone!

Capable of capturing images from the most inaccessible and unexpected locations and angles, drones are getting more accessible to the adept of new technologies with a taste for video and photography. 

Nowadays, the uses of these small machines become more diversified, from journalistic reports to home deliveries.

The giant Amazon has developed a patent using this device that allows it to make fast home deliveries to consumers and, has already been testing for a few years to determine the best method for these deliveries.

The service offered by the company requires that it be possible for the drone to make a landing and then leave the order, but for a faster and safer service for both parties involved, try to bet on new ways to use this technology.

One of the possibilities will be to join to the drone small parachutes, that would allow the delivery of the parcels without damaging them and without requiring the landing of the device. This is one of the winning uses, advantageous for the customer who receives their orders faster, and for the company that saves on transportation.

But the most impressive innovations in these devices are transforming them into small ambulances capable of flying over the territory and providing medical help.

The ability to fly and the small size allows them to enter in dangerous areas, offering strategic advantages in a situation involving hostages or in case of fire, where it can offer essential information avoiding the risk of involving agents or firefighters.

The advantages for the common good and health, begins with the protection of professionals who are at risk, but goes beyond the advantages of a privileged vision in criminal scenes, suspected bomb or where there are hostages.

Drones can carry defibrillators to respond to heart attack victims faster than an ambulance, which in this case makes all the difference. They can deliver medication to more remote areas, such as making an effective distribution of condoms, especially in rural locations where the supply is not adequate, or even to carry blood samples between the collection sites and the laboratories, making it possible to streamline the process and consequently the results of these medical exams. Or even, allow both the transport of medicine and provide information to victims of natural disasters.

All uses raise your problems, even the defibrillator rescue kit will require that whoever watches the patient is be able to follow the instructions given by the doctor also through the drone, what can be difficult in such a delicate situation.

A different problem, but with positive advances, stems from the need for refrigeration of blood samples during transportation, since transport alone is not enough.

There is still a way to go, more practical or bureaucratic, about legislation and flight authorization in certain areas, but the first steps are taken to reach for new advances through these small flying devices that may even save lives.

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