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Feb 1, 2017


It is, with no doubt, luxurious. Even irreverent. Rolls-Royce Dawn was voted "Best Luxury Car" in the UK. It came to dazzle.


Elegant and luxurious, the Rolls-Royce Dawn was voted "Best Luxury Car" at the UK Car of the Year Awards. Olli Marriage says in Top Gear Magazine that it is "a delight to drive and to be in – as only a Rolls-Royce can be". Nargess Banks states that "it's a movie star car".

Rolls-Royce itself claims that Dawn model is unmatched. With lines that captivate at first glance, and an inviting interior, Dawn promises to make the dream a reality.

Taking into account the specificity of each customer, Rolls-Royce offers the possibility of each one to customize the model itself, either in the exterior or interior. Imagine the initials or insignias embroidered on the headrest or hand painted on the outside, all with the utmost elegance and refinement. "The possibilities are near limitless", Rolls-Royce said. More than achieving a distinctive design, it is the brand's goal to achieve perfection by using detailed designs or even crafts. There are four models in which the customer can inspire as a starting point for the model that can be called "only yours": Porto Cervo Dawn; Fux Blue Dawn Marina Dawn; Prince of Time Dawn.

Porto Cervo Dawn

Porto Cervo Dawn model was inspired by the moment the sun rises over Porto Cervo in Sardinia, Italy, especially in the reflection of the light over the clear waters. The brand says that it is one of the most glamorous models, whose emerald green exterior is unmistakable. As jewelry that it is, this car has emeralds, mother of pearl and white gold.

Fux Blue Dawn

The entrepreneur Michael Fux ordered the model Fux Blue Dawn that is distinguished by the vibrant blue with which it presents itself. It thus has a unique color that is seen in exterior finishes or even in the seams of the seats. The interior is in white leather, which results in a perfect balance of this model so refreshing and attractive.

Marina Dawn

The Californian lifestyle, especially from Monterey Peninsula, inspired the Marina Dawn model. The white exterior does not leave anyone indifferent, as well as all the elements that refer to a classic yacht. To drive this car is to feel touched by the fresh air of the coast. It has a regatta watch or even nautical flags.

Prince of Time Dawn

Rolls-Royce did not forget the beauty of the desert, so created the Prince of Time Dawn. The spot where sand and sky touch themselves inspired and gave rise to a unique exterior blue that functions perfectly with the warm leather interior and with elegant wood.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is remarkably seductive and impressive. It was thought in detail to offer the driver all the charisma that can be found in a car that is a true work of art. Driving it to the seashore and on sunny days, for example, is having the opportunity to feel the breeze touch in the skin after the roof has silently collected and in just 22 seconds, all possible due to the use of the latest technology.

But more perfect than enjoying the Rolls-Royce Dawn alone is doing it in company, hence the existence of four truly cozy places with an elegant aesthetic. It is a car that promotes the safety of its occupants, as well as its maximum comfort.

Rolls-Royce Dawn was introduced in the market in 2016. It was applauded internationally and received distinctions by titles like Robb Report, The Telegraph or Top Gear. It was received with great enthusiasm by the market, the brand having the second best sales result in its 113 years of existence. "Dawn has introduced a highly dynamic new generation of men and women to Rolls-Royce", said brand executive director Torsten Müller-Ötvös.

In the early 1900's, engineer Henry Royce established a partnership with Charles Rolls, the owner of a car dealership. Together they started a new company, Rolls-Royce. The famous car brand has since then distinguished itself in the market for its attention to detail, its focus on luxury and the high quality of the cars sold.

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