Jan 31, 2016

Indonesia Surf Spots

Indonesia, a country located between two continents, Asia and Oceania, with Jakarta as its capital, is the largest archipelago in the world, comprising a total of 17 508 islands. Rich in natural and cultural resources, the country knew how to articulate the diversity that characterizes it and become a tourist destination of excellence, one of the main destinations for surfing and, increasingly, an industry reference.


Surfers from all over the world arrive every day in the beautiful Indonesian beaches to face those that are considered the best waves of the sport. Rip Curl took advantage of this environment to provide surfers under the age of 16, the opportunity to participate in GromSearch 2016, a competition starting this February, that allows surfers to show their talent and launch a professional and international career. The places that are going to cover the event are: Senggigi Lombok (13 and 14th of February), Batu Karas, West Java (19 and 20th of March), Canggu, Bali, (16 and 17th of April), Bengkulu, Sumatra (14 and 15th of May), Lakey Peak, Sumbawa (21st of October), and RCGS - National Finals (in a place to be confirmed, 22 and 23 of October).

"Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" ("Unity in Diversity") is the national slogan of Indonesian people that, distributed by ethnic, linguistic and religious groups, are known as welcoming. If we add the tropical climate and the third longest coastline in the world (54,716 km), behind Canada and European Union, we have the essential components for a tour of excellence, where beaches are the main attraction. Your VIP Partner discovered some of the most popular surf spots in Indonesia:

Uluwatu in Bali, located in the westernmost tip of Bukit Peninsula, is considered the best Indonesian surfing destination. Discovered in 1972, the place offers waves that reach six meters high.

The Mentawai Islands, known as the place with the most consistent surf spots in the world, sky and water of a translucent blue, are the ideal place to improve their surfing.

Lombok Islands, also known as "The Desert Point", are a surfer's paradise. Sometimes surfers have to use boats to reach the waves.

Nias Islands, famous destination because of its waves, which range between 2 and 15 feet. The corals are abundant but not aggressive. The geographical position of the archipelago makes this group of islands one of the most interesting areas of the world.

Grajagan, considered a Mecca for surfers, is a magical place for its primitive beauty, and the noise of the waves inspired the name´s place.

Sumba, near Bali, with an exciting local culture and a relatively small population, is one of the most unspoiled, underdeveloped and less crowded regions in Indonesia. There are good waves all over the Island, where surfers of all levels of experience, can risk and improve their performance.

Good for fishing, diving and bird watching, Sumba is far from prying eyes and represents the spirit of traveling surfers.

The growing demand of the Indonesian beaches for surfing led to the development of local industry and commerce of products related to the sport.

Brands like Quicksilver, O'Neill and Drifter opened spaces that, apart from selling surfboards, sunglasses, watches, sunscreen, backpacks, belts, caps, shorts, bikinis, suits with UV protection, are surfers meeting points, and places where they can see exhibitions, drink and go to the barber, thus keeping the surfer soul alive.

The success of cultural attractions and beaches ranging from National Sumatra Park, to the ancient temples of Borobudur, Prambanan, Toraja, Yogyakarta, Minangkabau and Bali, famous for its Hindu festivals, increasingly, has promoted the construction of hotels and resorts to meet the tourist demand.

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