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Apr 1, 2016

In the Casino World

The casino business is growing more and more. With new technologies emerging at every turn, it gets hard to keep up with the rhythm of the world, especially one that simply doesn't stop, not even to rest. The ever growing needs of a casino all lead to one final objective: to satisfy the XXI century gambler.


For this, trustworthy and quality casino equipment is on demand, the best is necessary, or even better, mandatory. It needs to speak for itself, and to invite a person to choose that game, thanks to that table, and adding to this, the equipment must function perfectly, a card must gracefully slide from the croupier's hand to the player's.

Established in 1991, CTC Holdings have, for more than 20 years, been doing their best to produce high-quality casino equipment. Today CTC Holdings feature a 2000 square metres manufacturing space, employing about 50 skilled and experienced professionals. This team will always do everything possible to keep customers satisfied, while ensuring that all products conform to current manufacturing standards and norms in the industry, as well as design trends. They are a respected company in the market, and are present at several fairs and congresses of the industry, the managing director and co-owner has even spoken at the Belarus Gaming Congress, in October 2015, about the influence of quality professional equipment on the profitability of casinos and slot halls.

CTC Holdings offers a range of standard and custom-designed products. All products meet the highest gaming industry quality standards. The company takes pride in constantly improving their products and services by taking into consideration and adapting to the slightest changes in customers' needs and preferences, as well as adapting to the latest market and technology trends. Quality and commitment to delivery on time are the main priorities, in accordance with a customer-oriented approach. The company works in close cooperation with the customers, as a team, to find the best way to equip the casino with the best quality and price combination, from live gaming equipment to casino tables.


CTC Holdings supplies everything necessary to open a casino. They claim all you need is to build it; they do the rest, providing the space with American roulette wheels, winning number displays, card tables, stud poker tables and chairs, dice tables, chairs, table layouts, playing cards, gaming chips, and finishes and upholstery materials.

The C-B2-T2 is a card table of exclusive custom design for Hi-End casinos and VIP rooms. It features two level table top with solid mahogany armrest and soft inserts, brass ash trays and drink holders. The float tray is of solid mahogany, and the table features an X-shaped VIP style base with brass base supports and a foot rest.

They also produce table layouts completely customizable, made from durable synthetic material, resistant to liquid spills and cigarette burns. The layouts can be manufactured with photographic quality in any theme design, and the design development and creation is free of charge.

The American roulette wheels, with a classic design, feature Corian ball tracks, and are high precision. The manufacturing accuracy of the solid one-piece separator ring is 0.05 mm, it has double bearings, the wooden bowl is finished in mahogany with high gloss polyester coating, a solid brass turret, a minimum revolution time of 5 minutes at a starting speed of 25 revolutions per minute, and a single zero.

CTC Holdings have supplied more than 300 customers in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. They are present in casinos such as Casino Malta, Casino Millenium - MSC Preziosa, Casino Admiral Opatija, Casino Chicago, City Royal Casino, Nicosia Casino Nautilus, and much more.

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