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янв 1, 2018


True to its goal to place Portugal in the world map of food industry, Competir Internacional steps forward and safely towards international markets, still little explored.



Competir Internacional is a company founded in 2012 with the purpose to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for the export of Portuguese products.

In this sense, the company has developed showrooms, dissemination and marketing of agro-industrial products with international markets, participating in the world's largest trade fairs dedicated to this sector.

Among the most recent participation and dissemination are included the 3rd Edition of World Food, which ran last April 2017, in Warsaw, Poland; the LondrExpo in London, England (July 2017); the World Food Moscow in Moscow, Russia (September 2017) and the Budapest Borfesztivál, dedicated to the dissemination of wine and spirits, also in September 2017, which took place in Budapest, Hungary.

The success achieved by these participations has been so important, that it is already in preparation for participation in the exhibition ProdExpo Moscow, which will take place in Expocentre in Moscow, between 5 and 9 February 2018.

ProdExpo is a specialized and exclusive event for professionals from all over the world. It is considered one of the world's largest shows in Russia and Eastern Europe, in the food industry and agricultural sector, and celebrates in 2018 its 25th birthday.

The goal of this event is to promote high quality food items for the Russia and Eastern Europe markets, but also has a strong business component in establishing contacts between countries and investors, in the creation and implementation of agro-industrial projects of national interest.

The highlighted items during the period of the event are the high-quality food, innovative options, such as organic food, organic farming, dehydrated, frozen foods, dietary or vacuum packed.

However, this fair is also dedicated to other areas, as is the case of equipment to process, store, pack, distribute and commercialize food products, innovative materials for each of these segments, etc. In short, everything you may need with the agricultural industry, food and distribution, fits within this event.

The representation of Competir Internacional for this year, aims to be more extended and comprehensive.

In this issue of ProdExpo, the Portuguese company will show a careful selection of several representative products of the food industry and agriculture, where stands out clearly a wide range of wines and spirits. This has been one of the strongest bets of Competir Internacional, bearing in mind that it is also the company chosen by various brands produced in Portugal, to be represented in these events.

But the bet on internationalization of Portuguese food products brands doesn't stick only to these, given that the company will also make shows of other brands and products representative of Iberian culture and cuisine and Mediterranean culture.

Another important data to better understand the importance of this event has close to the professionals of the food industry: every year, this fair account, on average, with the participation of 50000 visitors and 2000 exhibitors.

Contacts * www.competirinternacional.com.pt * geral@competirinternacional.com.pt * Rua António Sardinha 27 – 7800-447 Beja, Portugal * Avenida 5 de Outubro 68 9ªA-B – 1050-048 Lisboa, Portugal * + 351 213514630

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