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Jul 1, 2017


Are you the successful owner of a small, nice, cute house, and you dream of having a swimming pool for those hot days, but you don't have the space you need in your backyard? 


In Tel Aviv, Israel, they didn't have it too. Until 1990, when Agor Engineering was founded, by Yoash Zolar, a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Its main purpose is to offer comfortable high-end technological solutions for all those who wish to enjoy the best accommodation regardless of its cost.

For those who are very wealthy (and I mean very wealthy), there are certain luxury items that become absolute necessities, rather than enjoyable amenities. We're talking about heated bathroom floors, or parking elevators that carry your car into your own apartment (whilst you remain in the driver's seat).

Most of these items which seem outrageous to 99 percent of the people, quickly transform into "must-haves" for the remaining 1 percent.

It is the case of these disappearing pools, also called hydro floor.

It was initially designed to accommodate the monied masses who lived in congested cities and, therefore, dealing with space limitations. But soon, these technological marvels have become the main features of interior design to show off to neighbours and friends in certain ZIP codes.

Naturally, the most common concern with a swimming pool is safety. We've all heard of accidents regarding children who fell in a swimming pool and drowned.

Agor's moveable floor system is the answer to all these concerns. The system locks the floor in its covered position as well as it is adjustable in water height, according to the children's height and swimming ability.

When locked, the highly-durable surface of the floor covers the water completely and it becomes inaccessible, guaranteeing maximum safety. And when fully deployed, the system supports nearly three time the human average load (approximately 200 kg by square metre).

Besides, the system keeps the water clean and debris-free, as well as it maintains a predetermined temperature.

The innovative technology used by Agor includes a hydraulic system which uses no oil, therefore, there is no risk of any kind of water contamination. Plus, it is electrically operated.

It is built with a high quality stainless steel base which allows the whole system to be installed inside the swimming pool in maximum safety. Moreover, the floors are exceptionally resilient – strong enough to dance on.

The Israeli company also offers custom designs for any kind of solution or interior design. The structure can be covered with all kinds of materials, from special wooden decks, to marble.

Also, size and shape are not a problem. Agor offers its clients a range of creative engineering solutions for private homes or public venues, from Olympic-sized pools in sports centres or hotels, to simple Jacuzzi.

The company also provides innovative moveable solutions for most needs of coverage for residential and public spaces. From sliding roofs and retractable or expandable walls and windows, Agor can transform any space into a functional and attractive venue.

Of course, these solutions are not available for most medium class people. These can cost between $200 and $350 USD per square metre and indoor versions can cost up to half a million dollars, depending on the design extravagance. But the final price (as posted on the company site) is "available upon request".

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