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Jul 1, 2015

Heavy lifting anywhere

After the invention of the first rough-terrain masted forklift, in 1958, the brand founded by Andree Braud and Henry Faucheux never stopped growing. Today, the french company is one of the leading forklift manufacturers and supplies the entire world.


French-born Manitou is a renowned global name. The company designs, produce and distribute thousands of machines around the world. Eight factories in France, Italy and the USA, dozens of subsidiaries and a excel team make Manitou one of the most important industry equipment suppliers in existance. With five brands and 3.300 employees, over 70% of sales are made outside of France.

With constant research and development of new products and models, like telehandlers, rotatiing telehandlers, masted forklift trucks, aerial work platforms, truck mounted forklifts and warehousing equipment. Manitou has divided its range in different areas: Construction, agriculture, industry, mines and quarries, environment, logistics and specialized usage, like military or warehouse products. 

Big or small, powered by internal combustion or electric power, Manitou has the righ solution for your needs, offering also a great variety of accessories and customizable parts. Buckets, clamps, platforms, cranes, concrete skips, muckforks, grabs and sweepers can be attached to Manitou machines, enabling them to perform different tasks without the need to buy a new vehicle.

Being innovative as always, Manitou has developed a simple tool to manage and control your fleet of machines, either they are used indoor or outdoor. This system works on desktop computers, tablets or smartphones, with apps for iOS and Android platforms, and allows you to manage, optimize and secure the operation of Manitou equipments

But Manitou doesn't only sell and assist your foklift. The company has a entire range of financing solutions, through Manitou Finance, you can incorporate additional services (maintenance contract, insurance, etc.) while keeping control of the budget for your investment.

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