Dec 1, 2014

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With you can make mobile international calls affordable, without submitting to any obligations or contracts.


You want to make mobile calls abroad cheap and would like to avoid high costs or a monthly contract binding? Then you've come to the right place -! With us you can make mobile international calls affordable, without submitting to any obligations or contracts.

If you are using mobilka mobile affordable international calls, enjoy advantage of great rates reached in terms of price and performance. Countries such as Poland, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Romania and the USA, among many other destinations in our price list. 

You already have a cell phone contract and want to switch to us? Or do you want to stay with your current provider, but still benefit from the Mobilka- international rate? No problem! We make great deals for you to have the opportunity to make affordable mobile calls abroad, when and where you want. So you really can make cheap phone calls, you can either enter into a contract with us or you may keep your current provider without a contract with us and still enjoy the benefits. We offer flexibility where it gets. is the right choice if you want to make calls with your smartphone, iPhone or any other mobile phone model affordable international calls. We offer a flat rate for calling, surfing, calls to mobiles and landlines. Even if you want to write SMS messages, you have many advantages with us. Take advantage of our great service and inform you about our austerity package if you want mobile cheap calls abroad. We are pleased to offer our help.

New level
It would seem that no offer of cellular operators can surprise us today. After all, make calls, send SMS and even surf the Internet from your mobile phone has become a familiar and everyday affair. But today we want to open you a complete 'mobile' heaven! Do you think this is impossible? Then check out special offers from the company ECO - Mobilka Flat Tarif, through which you can not only make free calls all over Germany, using unlimited internet, but also to communicate with friends and relatives living in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Israel. As they say, 'all inclusive' and just 19,90 euro per month! Want facts and evidence? Please...

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