Dec 31, 2015

Global Navigation

On 18 September 2012, RF Government Resolution No. 1732-r designated Non-commercial Partnership GLONASS – National Navigation Services Provider – the sole general contractor for implementation of the ERA-GLONASS Project. Government ERA-GLONASS System of emergency reaction in accidents was commissioned into the industrial exploitation in January 2015.


Initially satellite navigation was developed for the benefit of military applications. Today navigation technologies are used in 3.5 billion devices for different purposes throughout the world.

The first civilian technologies that used the signals of global navigation satellite systems appeared on the market in mid-1980s. They were solutions for aviation and shipping. In 1990s, satellite navigation applications appeared for geodesy, cartography, land registry, and construction. By the beginning of the 21st century, the navigation market was already global, but remained a niche market: highly specialized and with insignificant volume.

Mainstream navigation market was launched when, on May, 2, 2000, U.S. turned off the Selective Availability feature (intentional degradation of the GPS signal). From this day on, the precision of navigation services for civilian users improved by an order of magnitude – to 10 meters. This leap in consumer value of satellite navigation was supported by an increase in private investments into development of new navigation applications, chipsets, equipment, and services, as well as into related technology segments, first and foremost – digital cartography.

With the development of technologies and the growth of market size, the cost of the navigation equipment and solutions decreased, which made them accessible to new categories of consumers - an exponential growth of the market and its segmentation began: navigation chips, equipment, systems, solutions and services.

Nowadays, two satellite navigation systems: GLONASS (Russia) and GPS (USA) provide global coverage with a signal around the world.

GLONASS is a global technology standard: more than 50% of all navigation devices use GLONASS.

The main driver of the Russian navigation market is the commercialization of the «ERA-GLONASS» infrastructure in terms of equipment and services. A 100% national protected navigation and information platform serving the interests of the federal, departmental and regional systems of Russian and foreign business will be unified on the basis of the «ERA-GLONASS».

Another direction of development is the export of solutions «ERA-GLONASS» and GLONASS technologies abroad, primarily to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The idea to utilize the capabilities of the Russian GLONASS global navigation satellite system for improving the safety on domestic roads took shape in June 2009. The ERA-GLONASS project was not only launched in record time – it took less than a year to go from an idea to the first government contract -, the proposal also called for it to be completed in five years – by January of 2015!

ERA-GLONASS System was created to save lives and mitigate injuries of road traffic accident victims or casualties in other emergencies on Russian roads. This is attained by reducing the emergency services' (Police, EMERCOM Rescue, EMS) time-to-arrival at the scene by 30% on average through utilizing modern navigation, telecommunication, and information technologies.

ERA-GLONASS serves all roads in the country. In event of a traffic accident, the terminal will automatically collect data on its exact location, time, and severity, and transmit it with a high-priority alert to an ERA-GLONASS operator. Once verified, this information is passed on to the emergency response services (the 1-1-2 System or duty police stations). Vehicle drivers and passengers can also contact an ERA-GLONASS operator manually – by pressing a special button.

Government ERA-GLONASS service will be provided free of charge for the entire service life of the vehicle equipped with a terminal.

Russian ERA-GLONASS system is harmonized with the ecall system, which is being built by the EU and has similar functions; this forms a common road safety space throughout Russia and EU member states.

Proven ERA-GLONASS solutions and terminals can be used as the basis for building national accident emergency response systems in other countries.

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